Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: The accident girl comes to Goenka’s house!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 19 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik transfers the power of attorney in Akhilesh’s name!

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The episode begins with Naira dancing and making Manish dance. Manish enjoys it and looks at Kartik. Two people look at the accident girl and speak that they can earn better with the girl. Manish plays basketball but he fails. Kartik and Naira help him and he gets happy. Naira was about to fall but Kartik holds her. (check: Anupama 19th August 2020.)

Kartik says to Manu that they should go inside and sit in the AC as it is hot here. Kartik says that they will see TV and he will prepare popcorn. A lady says the nurse that she is the girl’s mother but the nurse says the girl has denied about her parents. The lady says that she is angry so she did it.

The girl looks at the man and thinks about how come he knew about her! Samarth talks with Akhilesh that they don’t have any option. Samarth says that they should take all the business power in their hands for some days. Suhasini slaps Samarth and shouts how dare he think this? Everyone hears her and comes over there.

Suhasini says that Manish always considered him as his real brother and he is such a person who tried to snatch Manish’s position. Naira says that she might have some misunderstanding. Samarth asks Suhasini to slap him 3 or 4 times but never speak that Manish and Akhilesh are not his brothers.

Akhilesh tells everything to Kartik. Kartik says to Dadi that he has got to know about Samarth’s idea and he also agrees with him. Kartik says that his father is not in a condition to make any decision so they can’t disturb him for the signatures. Kartik says that they can transfer his powers for some days. Naira says that Kartik has also permitted so she should leave the anger.

Akhilesh says to Kartik that he needs to take the attorney. Kartik says that they both can decide it. Samarth says that he doesn’t want it. Kartik transfers power of attorney on Akhilesh’s name. Akhilesh touches Manish’s feet but he gets uncomfortable. Kartik says to Manu that he is a friend. Kartik thinks to play a game to get Manish’s signature but he can’t sign so he takes his thumb impression. Akhilesh says that he is going to be Bharat but until Manish who is Ram returns.

Naira receives a call from the hospital. The nurse says that the girl’s bill is pending and says that she has a lot of canteen bills. The nurse says that her parents also left with her denying the bill payment but Naira doesn’t hear it. Naira comes to the hospital and pays the bill. Naira gets to know that her parents have taken the girl.

The girl runs from the two persons who came to catch her and hides in Naira’s car. Naira comes to Goenka’s house and the girl goes behind her. Naira sees a letter in which it is written that their daughter is dead a few years ago.

The girl copies Naira as she sanitizes and prays. Kartik is talking with Kairav on video calls as he is crying. Kairav says that he wants to come back home. Kairav says that Vansh Bhaiya teases him that he won’t let him play with the baby his mother is bringing. Kairav says that she also wants his sister. Naira changes the topic that the baby will play with him. Suhasini takes the phone to talk with him.

Kartik and Naira see the girl standing at their door. Naira thinks how come she reached here?

Precap: Manish throws away everything that he wants a good book. Manish recalls Naira’s Radha Krishan dance seeing the album!

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