Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: The accident girl comes to Goenka’s house!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 18 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik blames Naira for Manish’s condition!

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Today’s episode of Ye Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai begins with Naksh says to Kartik that he prays to God for his father’s wellness but he also needs to bring back their parents. Keerti says that Kartik’s sister will answer it. Keerti says to Kartik that she got broken after seeing her father in such a condition but he can’t blame Naira for it. Keerti says that they know Naira can’t do it.

Keerti comes to Naksh that Mansi was at fault but Kartik had to bear it at the jail. Keerti says that Kartik said that he is innocent as he wasn’t involved in the accident but Naira didn’t believe her. She says that if Naira’s sadness was justified when their mother died, then why Kartik’s sadness not justified as Naira doubted on him too!

Kayu Di supports Naksh as Kartik is wrong for blaming Naira and Naira was blamed before too which made them repent for such a mistake. Kayu Di says that they should not repeat the same thing. Kayu Di says that it is wrong to blame Naira as an accident happened unintentionally.

Naira shouts at them to stop as no one needs to speak in favor of or against her. Naira says that she is responsible for the accident. Naira apologizes for it and leaves from there. Naksh goes behind her. Kartik also goes from there. Keerti goes behind him.

Naira says to Naksh that it is not easy for them to see their father. Naira says to Naksh that he should apologize to Keerti. Naksh apologizes to Naira for giving her so much trouble on Raksha Bandhan. Keerti says to Kartik that he might feel sad and angry but it is important to keep their father’s health better. Keerti says that they are always together.

Suhasini says that the girl should have sent Rakhi by post and she is worried what days are going to come ahead! Suhasini says that it is better god takes her away. Surekha asks her not to speak like this. Devyani says that she should have stopped Kartik from blaming Naira too.

Devyani says that Kartik should not understand her wrong. Devyani says that she thinks Naira is still not their family. Suhasini says that she can also speak Naksh considers Naira first and then Keerti. Devyani and Suhasini get into an argument. Suwarna stops their argument as Manish Ji can hear everything.

Kartik is with Manish. Naksh apologizes to Keerti for his behavior and he messaged Kartik after realizing his mistake. Keerti says that he did it right and apologize for her behavior too. Naksh brings Keerti close to her. Naksh asks her about Krish? Keerti thinks that she can’t tell him about Krish. He questions why did she come without Krish?

Manish says that he wants to go outdoors. Kartik asks him to stay indoors. Naira wants to take Manu outside. Naira says that Manu is not ill so they will go in the fresh air. Manu asks her to take him out. Kartik says that they will play indoor games but Manu goes outside with Naira. Kartik gets a call from the doctor.

The doctor says that he should not treat Manish like a sick man and keep him in one room. The doctor asks him to introduce Manish to other family members and take him outside in the fresh air too.

Naira plays with Manu outside. Kartik sees it and gets emotional. Keerti video calls Kartik and he makes her see him. Suwarna talks with Surekha that Kartik and Naira should be together to help Manish.

Precap: Naira gets shocked seeing the accident girl at her house!

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