Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: The accident girl comes to Goenka’s house!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 15 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik ignores Naira!

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Today’s Ye Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai episode begins with the doctor says to Naira that she can be a mother again. Naira denies that she doesn’t want another child and starts crying. Naira recalls when she was talking about Kairav’s sister. She gets upset and says to god how many times they will be given such hopes to snatch it from them. She prays to God to stop it and cries badly. Manish comes over there and asks Naira not to cry. He says that they are also friends.

Kartik talks on the call in anger that why they are taking so much time to get the specialist’s number. He says that they can take as many fees as they want but they need to call the specialist this week. Naira also hears him.

Suhasini talks with everyone that they have been troubled with so many problems financial, accident, and Manish’s condition. She says that Keerti has reached Udaipur but she can’t be at home until her reports come. She says that she thought that Kartik would be happy to meet Keerti at Raksha Bandhan but she can’t also be here.

Swarna comes with the gifts that Rukmini Ji has sent Rakhis. Kayu questions Naira whether she talked with Naksh Bhaiya that he will come here. Suhasini asks her to go and meet them so they can also see Kaveri Ji. Naira says that Bhai and Choti Dadi wanted to come home to meet Papa also.

The inspector calls Naira and tells that they have found the little girl who came ahead of her car on the accident day. Naira questions whether she can see her? The police say that she has to go to the hospital to see her.

Naira is not able to find her wallet as she didn’t check it after the accident. Kayu says that it might be in the car. Naira goes to check but gets bumped into Kartik and he holds her but leaves from there in a second.

Naira dreams about Kartik but gets sad that he doesn’t talk to her in her dreams too.

Naira comes to the hospital to meet the little girl. Naira gets shocked seeing the girl fighting with an elder person calling him Budha. The little girl gets quiet seeing Naira and hides her wallet from there. Naira questions how is she? She replies that she is not well and got hurt badly. Naira questions the girl how come she arrives ahead of her car?

She recalls when her leg got slipped as she was running to return her wallet as it has cards in it and she has kept the money from it. She says that she came to return her wallet. Naira asks her to return her wallet now. She says that she got hurt so she doesn’t know about it. She takes Ganga Ma’s swear. Naira says that she is not much hurt so she should not act like this. The girl asks Naira to give her money as the food is not good here. The girl prays to God to keep sending Naira as she has so much money.

Naira gets ready for Raksha Bandhan but Kartik ignores her. Naksh and Kaveri come to Goenka’s house. Naksh questions about his father-in-law? Suhasini says that she will ask Kartik to bring him. Kartik brings Manish downstairs.

Manish gets uncomfortable seeing Naksh and Kaveri and tries to leave from there. Kartik convinces him to be there.

Naira and Kayu celebrate Rasha Bandhan with Naksh.

Keerti comes back home and everyone gets happy seeing her.

Precap: Kartik blames Naira for Manish’s condition. Naira accepts it but she didn’t do it intentionally. Naksh stops Kartik and stands with Naira!

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