USDA issues alert over food possibly containing plastic

USDA issues alert over food possibly containing plastic


The Agriculture Department of the United States has recently notified about a health caution for Chimichangas and frozen taquitos that might possibly contain plastic. As per the department officials, these items might pose a potential choking hazard for the consumers.

This alert includes multiple variants of chicken taquitos, beef, as well as chimichangas. It also covers the ready-to-eat products consisting of the diced variant of green chilies, which was recalled by its producer named Sun Valley Foods.

This notice put out by the department included a selected list of products that were shipped nationwide by brands such as Jose Ole, Great Value by Walmart, as well as Casa Mamita. These products were manufactured by the Ajinomoto Foods North America Incorporated based in San Diego, Texas, as well as Lampasas.

The agency has alerted the consumers to refrain from eating these products and to return or throw them away. There have been no confirmed reports related to health issues by eating these products as of now.

However, it is advised to refrain from the consumption of the same. In case you have brought the product, the same can be returned at the supermarket or store it was purchased at.

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