Trump administration eliminates Obama-era transgender health care protections

Trump administration eliminates Obama-era transgender health care protections


On Friday, the administration under President Donald Trump announced that it is now reversing the regulation set during the Obama-era. Under this regulation, there was to be no discrimination against transgender patients in need of health care.

This announcement came from the US Department of Health & Human Services, which was swiftly backed and praised by the religious conservatives. However, the move was condemned by the LGBTA and civil rights advocates.

As per the advocates, it was noted that this reversing of the regulation comes at a time that is very important for the LGBTQ community. It is the Pride Month & the 4th anniversary for the Orlando shooting that happened at the nightclub named Pulse.

This move will call for a need to enforce the protection rights for sex discrimination. Erasing the administration allowance by the Obama government would hamper the broader understanding of sex and gender. As announced by the campaign opted by the Human Rights Commission, they will be filing a lawsuit that challenges this change in rule.

The reversal of this regulation has been described as an attack or discrimination to the United States LGBTA community. According to Alphonso David, the HRC president, it is obvious that our administration doesn’t actually believe that the LGBTA community exists and deserves equal law and rights.

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