Tropical Storm Isaias upgraded to category 1 hurricane as it nears Carolinas

Tropical Storm Isaias upgraded to category 1 hurricane as it nears Carolinas


Isaias, the tropical storm, has recently upgraded itself to a 1st category hurricane. This happened as the storm was close to a landfall on Monday in Carolina. The storm threatens to bring in blasting winds & devastating floods.

Following the alert, the coastal residents went on to secure their patio furniture, while the ferry operators led the evacuations by the Carolina Outer Banks. The officials passed out some sandbags & even offered ample car space within the elevated garages with the Isaias marching northwards.

The National Hurricane Center at the United States warned the Oceanside residents to get ready for any storm surge that might go as high as 5 feet or 1.5 meters. The rainfall might get as high as 20 centimeters in places that might be least affected by the storm.

However, Carolina wasn’t the only state known to be under risk. Isaias is likely to pack in heavy rains as it goes towards the coastal areas. All this rainfall might produce a series of flash flooding around different parts of eastern Carolina as well as the mid-Atlantic region. The heavy rainfall will also affect the north-eastern frontier of the United States.

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