Top features to be present in Android phone

Whenever we spend our money in purchasing any android smartphone we always expect to get the best possible features. Personally I am an android freak and I love changing the smartphone (Note: Android). While purchasing the android phone I always try to get the best features. If you are also one of those who want to get the best out of their money then this article is specially meant for you. Here in this article we are going to provide you the details about some of the best features that your android device must have. Additionally, these feature details will also help you out in choosing the best android phone for you.
List of Top features to be present android phone
The camera capacity
Well, now every mobile distributor company claims about providing the best camera but still not everyone fulfills the promise. Camera is one of the most important features available in every smartphone. It is important that the smartphone must have the crisp and clear camera. Sometimes the higher megapixels do not provide the best pictures that are why it is important to have the best quality.
Appearance of the display
The display and appearance of the smartphone is also an amazing feature to consider while purchasing the Android device. Now days, every second user want to get the edge to EDGE display that can enhance the beauty of the smartphone.
Charging options
Earlier to get charged smartphones use the charges but now the wireless charging options has been introduced. This feature is so amazing and also attracts most of the users. Additionally, it also have reduced the burden of taking the adapter everywhere and also searches for the socket or electric plug to get the device charged.
Water and dust resistant
It is not important that every user will use the smartphone device in a clean space point hence it is important that the smartphone must be water and dust resistant. It helps the user in using the smartphone more easily.

4K video recording feature
This is one of the major features that are not provided by every mobile distributor. This feature plays an amazing role in the enhancement of the videography through smartphone. if you are one of those who love clicking pictures and making videos then you must check this feature.
Dual SIM card along with the micro SD card slot
Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers have combine the SIM card slot with the micro card SD slot. Now the user can either insert a SIM card or a micro SD card in one slot. However, the other slot is designed particularly for the SIM card only. Due to this factor the users face difficulty. Hence, it is important to check out the SIM card slots properly.
Hence these are some of the features that must be present in the android smartphone. Usually people go through the RAM, ROM, and Processor details, but along with that these small features also play the equally important role.