Top Features of twitter to experience

In the recent months, the popularity of Twitter has enhanced a lot. according to the statistics available, most of the Twitter users interact with the application by using the web instead of interacting with third party clients.
well, the user interface of Twitter is so simple and amazing but still there are some features that can make it much better to use. Here in this article we are going to discuss about some of the excellent features that can enhance the web experience of Twitter.
Grouping of followers and friends
till now, it is not possible to create groups of followers and friends on Twitter. Since, the popularity of Twitter is increasing day by day. In such situation the grouping feature will definitely enhance the popularity. By having the ability of categorizing or creating the group of Twitter users, the individual can easily reduce the crowd from their Twitter feed and can also see the updates from particular groups of users.
Autocomplete feature
Autocomplete is an interactive design pattern that helps the person by providing a list of suggestions as the user type anything in text. It helps in speeding up the sending message or to it directly to the user. Sometimes it happens that people feel trouble while typing is spelling. In such situation, the autocomplete feature proves to be amazing.
Threading of tweets
One of the best source of information available online is Twitter. It is the best forum where you can discuss about several topics. Although the current user interface of this application does not allow the users to view a conversation between two or more people easily. The feature of threaded to its will help the people in getting interacted in the conversation in which they are interested.
Adding up page that displays the tweets mentioning your name
Mostly, the Twitter users love watching their names mentioned in some to its. Currently the replies that begin with the @username can be seen on the replying page. It is important to have the page where the list of tweets along with the username mentioned can be listed.
Highlighting the specific users
By highlighting a specific to it one can easily de-emphasize the other to eat. Through this, it will become easier for the people to get rid of the trouble of Twitter feed overload. Sometimes it happens that too much start going and too many tweets gets available to read. In such a situation will become difficult for the Twitter users to filter the tweets and mark their favorite 1. This feature will help the Twitter users to easily pay attention towards the one.
Text link in the tweets
There is a limit of 140 characters in Twitter and it becomes quite difficult to have the link in the tweet in that particular character count. If Twitter allows the users to hyperlink the text then it will help them in having a more room for including additional characters. Additional e the Twitter feed will look cleaner.
Hence, these are the top features that must be added in Twitter and will make it a better social media platform.