The Seven Deadly Sins Sequel Manga ‘The Four Knights of the Apocalypse’ Plot and Potential Release Date Out

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The popular manga – Seven Deadly Sins – has been renewed for a sequel series. It’s a great piece of news for the fans, but they have been looking for answers to the standard questions such as its release date, title, plot, etc.

Recently, the fourth season of The Seven Deadly Sins anime premiered on streaming giant Netflix. It was a fantastic instalment which has undoubtedly increased its popularity. As a result, the original manga series is witnessing a surge in its numbers.

The manga fans would be delighted to hear the news as the original one ended earlier in 2020. They would be delighted to hear the latest development related to it. The sequel is officially in works. Below, we have got everything for its overview.

The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Sequel Title

It will be called The Four Knights of the Apocalypse in English. The same will be known as Mokushiroku no Yon-kishi in Japanese. The thing to note is that it’s kind of tentative as it hasn’t been announced officially yet. It could be changed in the future based on various factors.
7DS Manga Sequel: Plot

Anime News Network has published a story regarding it. The plot will encircle a character named Tristan, who is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. But, sadly, we don’t have enough information on what it could be. The details of its synopsis are scarce at the moment. We are hopeful of getting updates before the end of 2020.

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The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Sequel: Release Date

There has been no official word on the release date of the upcoming manga. Suzuki is yet to reveal or give any hint regarding it. But, one official thing is that he will reveal the story after getting started with its serialization. So, we can expect the official title to be revealed soon.

We are expecting that the premiere date would be revealed in Spring 2021. But, a more realistic approach would be to wait until fall 2021. Stay tuned to us as we will bring the latest update on the new series as soon as the information arrives.


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