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The Rain Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything Else: Has Netflix Canceled or Renewed It?


The Rain is a Danish mystery television series that premiered its first season on Netflix in May 2018. It renewed its second season in a very short interval of 12 days after the first finale and released on Netflix in June 2019.

The makers subsequently renewed it for the third installment and aired on Netflix in August 2020, but also cryptically left a note that it’s going to be the finale installment of the show. The show is based on a virus carried by rainfall. To save the family from the deadly virus, Dr. Frederik Andersen took his family, comprising of 2 children and his wife, in a safe bunker.

He told her daughter to take care of her brother, as he is the cure for the virus. The siblings stayed in the bunker for six long years, coming out then to search for their father with a group of other survivors. The show takes various turns throughout the seasons, with the main protagonist turning villain in the finale.

The Rain Season 4 Renewal Status

When announcing the release date for the third segment, Netflix also announced that it is the finale of the show. So, it’s pretty much evident that chances of coming of season 4 are quite dismal.

But, we have seen in the past where Netflix has renewed the show on fan demand. Despite being popular among the masses, the show has not received any social networking campaign. Still, few groups are demanding the fourth installment of the show or a prequel of the show.

At the present moment, it’s theme matches the recent coronavirus pandemic, so there are chances that writers may again roll up their sleeves for the script of the fourth season. Also, producers will take this lockdown as an opportunity to release a show based on the prevailing situation people can relate with.

The Rain Season 4 Release Date

The show’s makers had already revealed that installment 3 was the finale of the show, so there is pretty much no news about the expected release date for season 4. Still, considering the coincidence of matching the plot of the show with the recent epidemic, the producers might give the fourth installment a try.

Now, seeing the previous installment dates, the average time gap between the three seasons was 11 months. So, guessing that calculation, the expected release date for season 4 would fall between June or August 2020.

And also, plus point about the show is that it adheres to the social protocols laid down for coronavirus. As it is a show based on the deadly virus, things like quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, and PPE kits were present in the previous seasons.

So, the filming for the show will not be stalled because of the virus, as the crew members are already familiar with all the norms. The supporting cast is also less in number, giving them an added advantage to procure the permission from the authorities. (check: High Seas season 4.)

The Rain Season 4 Cast

As seen in the finale episode of the third installment, the majority of the principal cast is dead or killed in the show. Only a few remain, and only one remains from the lead actress that Simone Andersen played by Alba August. Her brother Rasmus Andersen, played by Lucas Lynggaard, and his GF Sarah, portrayed by Clara Rosager, also died in the finale.

All in all, Simone’s whole family is dead or killed, and now the only chance of their coming back in season 4 will be in the form of flashbacks. There is one way also through which they can return is the prequel of the show, other than we don’t find any idea how the cast members will return.

If the prequel of the show happens, then there may be some addition of new cast members. Then, it could include young Dr. Sten (creator of the virus), more important role for young Rasmus and Simone, and their mother’s role, which was quite short in the first installment but might see a prominence in the prequel. (check: Netflix’s Elite Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Every Other Update.)

The Rain Season 4 Plot

As most of the main cast is either dead or killed, the story will focus mainly on Simone. With the virus now wholly vanished, Simone will try to establish or renew the town with the help of remaining members.

Some relatives of Dr.Sten would emerge to take the revenge of Dr.Sten’s death, ultimately becoming the new villain. The show would make the leverage of the present scenario – the COVID-19 epidemic like the celebrities’ death, a hypothetical situation like third world war among the countries because of the virus.

So, the chances of season 4 going on the floor are quite low. Still, the lucky coincidence can push the producers to go for the fourth installment.

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