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Netflix’s Sugar Rush Season 4 Release Date, Hosts, Judges and Everything Else So Far

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Sugar Rush premiered its third season, and we can’t get enough of it. If you are also wondering if there will be a fourth season, do not worry as we have got all the details you will need.

Initially, Sugar Rush came out in 2018 and was instantly loved by many. Apart from being a baking competition, it also brought a few twists to it. After successfully delivering two seasons, the makers decided to make some changes and make it even more unique. After the release of its third season, fans were already eager to know about the fourth season. Let’s find out if and when season four of Sugar Rush will release.

When will Sugar Rush season 4 release? Premiere Date

Sugar Rush season three released in July 2020 and since then the wait for the fourth season has begun. Unfortunately, as of now, the fourth season has not been renewed by Netflix.

However, because the show has been so successful over the period, we may see the fourth season after all. Guess we will have to wait for an official announcement on the same. As the third season was announced a few days before the release, the fourth season may be announced in the same manner.

The third season’s auditions began six months before its release and the new season came out in July every year. The auditions will likely start by January 2021, and we may see the fourth season by July 2021.


Apart from the fourth season, Netflix is yet to announce the special holiday season as well. Watch out for this space, and we shall update you if any progress is made.

Who is in Sugar Rush season 4? Cast

Up until now, we have seen Hunter March hosting the show flawlessly, and we are hoping to see him in the fourth season as well. Along with him, we are hoping to see Candace Nelson. She is also a pastry chef and runs Sprinkles Queens, which is one of the world’s first cupcake bakeries she opened along with her husband, Charles.

Adriano Zumbo, who is a world-renowned patissier and chef, may also return to judge the fourth season. He has also been seen in Masterchef and Zumbo’s Just Desserts. Also, he is very well-known for his macaroons. Along with them, we will see new contestants competing against each other. (check: Rita season 6.)

What is the premise of the Sugar Rush? Plot

Sugar Rush is a confectionary competition show. In each episode, we see four teams consisting of two members competing against each other. They showcase their mastery to impress the judge and whoever succeeds, wins a cash prize. They are put under pressure with a time limit and are made to showcase their originality.


In the first round, they are supposed to make cupcakes, in the second round they have to make a confection, and in the third round a whole cake.

The third season saw some twists where the contestants were asked to use the items listed as a specialty while baking their dessert. And whoever won the first two rounds got to choose between a cash prize of $1500 extra or additional 15 minutes in the final round.

It is unclear if season four will follow this rule or make another one at the moment. However, we sure can’t wait to watch more of it. (check: Netflix’s Glitch Techs Season 3 Release Date, Anime Characters, Plot & Trailer: Will There Be Another Series?.)

Is there a trailer for Sugar Rush season 4?

Since the show has not yet been renewed, the trailer has not been released. However, we are hoping to see the trailer for season four by mid-2021. Until then you can check the trailer for season three below.


How many episodes are there in Sugar Rush season 4?

In season four, we are expecting at least six episodes and the runtime to be around 55 minutes long. However, nothing has been specified by the officials so far. You can stream the show on Netflix.

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