Stateless Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Spoilers, Netflix News & Updates

Netflix’s Stateless Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything To Know So Far

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There are very few shows which received critical appreciation, both from audience and critics at an international level. Stateless is one of those shows. Launched on ABC in March 2020, the Australian drama quickly catapulted the hearts of viewers. The show is produced by renowned actress Cate Blanchett, Tony Ayres, and Andrew Upton, the show premiered worldwide on Netflix in July 2020.

The show is said to be partially inspired by the real-life incident of Cornelia Rau, who was illegally detained by the Australian government. Even being the permanent resident of the country, Cornelia Rau was mentally harassed at the detention center.

The plot was centered around four strangers, who unfortunately meet each other at Barton Immigration Detention Centre. One of them was an air-hostess, Sofie of German origin. The rest includes an Afgan Refugee Ameer escaping the Taliban. Next in line is Cam Sandford, an Australian father, working as a guard at the detention center, and Claire Kowitz, a bureaucrat working at the detention camp. Altogether, they save the camp from media & public scrutiny.

Stateless Season 2 Renewal Status

As per the show’s executives, the show was written with the end in mind, which means it was supposed to be only one season long. But, the appreciation it received from worldwide, the producers might give a second chance to think over its renewal status.

And, involving Netflix in this scenario, it is pretty much evident from past experiences, Netflix always goes for a minimum of 2 seasons, the condition being the premier season to be a worldwide hit. Here, this show is still getting accolades from all over the world. In another way, it has become a blockbuster hit among the masses and critics too, which is something rare to find nowadays.

So, we pretty much hope that the show might get renewed for another installment. Still, there will be doubts looming over season 2, as the writers and producers have indirectly stated in various interviews, the first season as the finale.

Stateless Season 2 Release Date

There is still a thread of doubt hanging over the renewal status, so from that, we can assume that the release date is also not confirmed. The show was released in March 2020 in Australia and worldwide on Netflix in July 2020, so it is pretty much correct that the producers need some time to think over the release for season 2.

Even if the producers think of releasing season 2, they have to wait for some time, since the present situation doesn’t allow filming to take place usually. Also, everyone is keeping a safe distance to save themselves from the virus, whereas in movie production, some scenes demand close intimacy, which violates social distancing rules.

So, this time the chances of season 2 being released this year seemed quite dismal. If the producers give the green light to the second installment, then the best guess could be May 2021 or November 2021, as a show requires an average of 8 months in filming, editing, dubbing, and post-production.

Till now, neither the writers nor producers have commented anything over the release date, these are just some healthy guesses if in future they thought for a second run.

Stateless Season 2 Cast

After the finale episode, the story of Cam (Jai Courtney) and Claire (Asher Keddie) ended with conclusions, so chances of their coming back in season 2 are pretty low. But, Ameer’s (Fayssal Bazzi) story seems incomplete. With his daughter Mina (Soraya Heidari) adopted by an Australian family, it is heavily speculated that either he will be deported to Afghanistan or will stay in camp indefinitely.

So, Ameer’s character and his daughter’s character might be reprised by the same actors in installment two, as there is an incomplete story.

Even though Sofie’s (Yvonne Strahovski) story seems complete, it gave a vibe that it’s still incomplete. In the finale we saw Sofie rescued by her sister from the detention camp, she suffered from mental problems and ended up in a psychiatry hospital. The look on her face screams without any words that there are some things she wants to vent out.

Also, there are high chances that the producers will try to showcase a different storyline for season 2, which means the entry of new characters with new faces. Until now, none of the writers have revealed any vital information about the second installment.

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Stateless Season 2 Plot

The first installment was wholly centered on Australian immigration policies and detention camps. In season 2, we hope the writers will take the storyline outside Australia, as there are many horrifying stories of US detention camps, which will give them enough material to write for season 2.

It might also start with Ameer’s daughter Mina’s story, searching for her father and fighting for immigrants right in the federal court. It means that there will be a time-lapse of 15 years, showcasing the life of young educated Mina.

Also, Sofie’s struggles could be portrayed in Stateless season 2, as she faces mental problems after coming back from the detention camp. (check: Netflix’s Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Release Date, Episodes & Everything Else To Know.)

Talking of international detention stories, the case of transgender women Alejandra Barrera, who faced mental and physical trauma in the US ICE detention facility, was in the limelight a few years back. It could be the best time to show this story, as the LGBT movement is on the rise, and it surely will generate substantial TV ratings.

But, these are just some information gathered from some sources. Otherwise, no writer or producer had even given a pinch of hint till this time about the future storyline.

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