Spain slams UK, Germany for advising tourists to stay away

Spain slams UK, Germany for advising tourists to stay away


On Tuesday, Spain reacted furiously to suggestions from Germany and Britain that their tourists avoid its beaches and island due to a surge in the COVID-19 cases during what’s known to be the peak tourism season.

Considering the no-travel advisories as well as one quarantine order imposed by Britain for all the returning tourists, Spain, which highly depends on the summer tourism season, is witnessing a key blow to hopes of rejuvenating its economy.

Spain’s tourism accounts for a little more than 12 percent of its GDP and almost 13 percent of jobs. It lost a million jobs from April till June, which is its biggest ever decline quarterly, and is scared of further losses during summer season.

The decision from Britain didn’t have any logical explanation, said head of major tourist Balearic area, Francina Armengol. The contagion rate of archipelago was less than compared to the UK, he further added. The Spanish Aragon area said that the advisories were discriminatory.

The comments made by them chimed with the ones made by Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain, who said on Monday that it was Britain’s mistake to consider the overall COVID-19 rate in Spain than having a regional approach.

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