Scientists Detect Surprise Structures Wrapped Around Earth's Core

Scientists Detect Surprise Structures Wrapped Around Earth’s Core


As per new research, the blobs of dense, hot material that curls around the core of the Earth can be much more spread out as compared to the previous reports. A new methodology designated to analyze the earthquake data located that there is a whole new set of zones that can be as big as a continent between the mantle and core of the planet.

It is still unknown whether these blobs can be defined as magma or molten iron, or maybe something else. However, a complete and detailed map can help with a better understanding of these geological processes that occur deep within the interior of the Earth.

The boundary of the core lies about 2900 km below the surface of the Earth. This is way out of reach for the scientific community to get closer and understand what is going on with the core of the Earth. Luckily, the planet flaunts built-in tools that allow probing within its very own gut, which is the Earthquakes.

The manner with which the tremors and quakes propagate via different materials within the planet will now provide the seismologists a chance to reconstruct & map out the composition for Earth’s interior.

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