Saudi Arabia says hajj to go ahead with 'very limited numbers' amid coronavirus pandemic

Saudi Arabia says hajj to go ahead with ‘very limited numbers’ amid coronavirus pandemic


Only around 1,000 Muslims, who are inside the Saudi Arabia’s kingdom already, will be permitted to attend one hugely pared-down variant of hajj for 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, announced the officials on Tuesday.

The ones who wish to take part in the highly-anticipated pilgrimage headed Mecca should be below 65 years and must agree for quarantine prior to and post the event.

The officials had been cancelling the yearly pilgrimage since the last few weeks due to fear of coronavirus. However, they settled on letting only a limited no. of individuals to attend the pilgrimage in the ninety year history of the Saudi Arabia kingdom.

In a virtual media conference on Tuesday, Muhammad Benten, Minister, Saudi Arabia Hajj said that the officials are reviewing the number of people who would be attending Hajj so that it can be a little more or less than 1000. The event generally draws over 2mn people from across the globe.

Just the worshippers of several nationalities within the kingdom would be permitted to participate, which is a major blow to the Muslims globally who have waited to make the trip.

Notably, the kingdom is among the highly infected coronavirus region in the Middle East, having reported over 161,000 cases, including around 1300 deaths.

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