San Francisco Bay Area: Rare Lightning Strikes Spark Widespread Wildfires

San Francisco Bay Area: Rare Lightning Strikes Spark Widespread Wildfires


The San Francisco Bay Area saw a rare August severe storm on Sunday, August 16, 2020. It rolled out with a combination of lighting and high winds. The storm was so strong that it triggered wildfires throughout the region.

At 5:30 am, the Santa Cruz Mountains witnessed an even large wildfires. PG&E webcams captured the images of the same incident. No detail was made available immediately. But, we do get to know that it happened in the Bonny Doon area.

At 4:15 am, a report came from Marin County Fire department. According to it, the MCF crew was busy in responding to numerous lightning strikes reported in the King Mountain area and San Geroimo and across the nation. However, no immediate evacuation orders or warnings were given at the moment.

The crews of Calfire were sent in the area of 20730 Brush Road in Redwood Estates Area to control the fire caused by a lightning. By 4 am, everything came under control. But initially, it threatened the local residents to come out of their homes. It kinda triggered forced evacuations.

A case of three acres of wildfire was reported near Highway 1 north of Davenport. Another case was reported in 5201 Arroyo Road in Livemore. So, crews were dispatched to control the growing fire in the vegetation.

In the meantime, a report came from the department of the Sonoma County Sherrif. It said that several calls have been received by law enforecement and fire department regarding the downing of trees and powerlines. The reports also included a few spot fires in the nation.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the storm’s intensity was so strong that it triggered a severe thunderstorm warning. The thunder roar was so loud that it awakened all the local residents. The warning was extended until 7:14 am for Contra Costa, Alameda, Napa, San Franciso, and Santa Clara counties.

The resident of the Bay Area captured photos and recorded videos of the remarkable thunderstorm, and posted them on social media. It went viral on the web. According to the National Weather Service, the fast moving system generated wind gusts as high as 75 mph.

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“The cluster of severe thunderstorms are generating extremely strong erratic wind gusts which can cause downed trees, power lines, and other structural damage as well as difficulty driving,” NWS forecasters tweeted. (Source)

Just before 3 am, NWS captured a rare ‘roll cloud’ at the Santa Cruz Coast and posted the same on Twitter.

The storm originated due to the reason that the area has been covered in hot temperature. However, temperature fell on Saturday in the region. The area witnessed rains in the early morning. It should provide some relief. As per Forecasters, the inland areas will see triple digit temperature in the coming four days.

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