Ronald Washington & Karl Jordan Jr. Indictment for Killing of Jam Master Jay

Federal Prosecutors Will Announce Indictment of Ronald Washington & Karl Jordan Jr. for Killing of Jam Master Jay


Nearly after 18 years of murder of Jam Master Jay, the federal prosecutors will announce the indictment of Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. on Monday. They are the suspects for the murder of Hip Hop singer whose real name was Jason Mizell.

D.J. Jam Master Jay was a hip-hop star who was also a part of Run-DMC, a rap group. He was headshot on October 30, 2002, at a Queens recording studio with minimal witnesses.

According to two law enforcement officials, Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. were indicted on charges of murder while engaged in drug trafficking. They haven’t revealed the exact role of the suspects in the murder. But the investigators believe that Jam Master Jay was involved in drug-trafficking finances.

The New York Times reported that Mr. Washington, 56, is currently under a federal prison sentence for robbery. Mr. Jordan, 36, had been to prison for shooting Jam Master Jay’s nephew and currently in police custody.

According to the court papers, Mr. Wahington was an accomplice who helped in the killing of Jason Mizell by pointing a gun on the people present in the studio. He ordered them to get on the ground. Besides this, in 1995, Randy Walker, an associate of the late Tupac Shakur was murdered and Mr. Washington under the radar being a suspect. In 2017, the case of the killing of Jam Master Jay was moved to cold cases.

The Hip-Hop Pioneer was killed when he was 37 in the evening of October 30, 2020, when he was playing video games in the studio at Jamaica, Queens. As per the investigations, two men were involved, one of them was wearing a mask who brutally shot Mr. Mizell.

The investigation of Mizell’s finances and business didn’t point any reason why someone might want to kill him. Also, in Queens, he had many supporters and he got huge success by gaining fans across the United States as a D.J. hip-hop.

Mr. Mizell was someone who used to listen to demo tapes by local young rapers among the age group of 14-15 years old and give suggestions. Apart from this, he also founded an academy named Scratch D.J. Academy for the ones who were keen to learn.

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