Robert Trump in Hospital: President Donald's Brother Hospitalized For Unspecified Reason

Robert Trump in Hospital: President Donald’s Youngest Brother/Sibling In Family Hospitalized For Unknown Reason


The younger brother of US President Donald Trump, Robert Trump has been hospitalized. On Friday, August 14, 2020, the White House confirmed that he is in a hospital in New York. Donald will visit his brother as per a source.

“Can confirm the report that the President’s brother is hospitalized,” deputy press secretary Judd Deere told XNewWeekly. It’s not the first time when Robert has been hospitalized. Earlier, in the sprig, he had to get admitted in hospital because of a serious condition.

An official said that the President “has a very good relationship with his brother and his brother is very special to him.”

Robert used to be a top executive when he worked at the Trump Organization. President Trump has four siblings including Robert and the late Fred Trump, Jr. Previously, Robert filed a temporary restraining order to block Mary Trump’s (Fred’s daughter) publication of an unflattering tell-all book.

The book was titled “Too Much and Never Enough.” Mary’s uncle claimed that it violates a non-disclosure agreement which dates back to an inheritance disbute in the family regarding Fred Trump, Sr’s estate.


Published in mid-July, Mary described the Trump family as malignantly dysfunctional. The same piece of text described President as a deeply immature man detached from the reality. Robert Trump failed in several court actions to stop the book’s publication, but couldn’t.

Who is Robert Trump? Wiki/Biography

Robert Trump is the youngest sibling of the Donald Trump’s family. He was born two years after his brother Donald. The oldest is Maryanne Trump Barry, a federal judge, then Frederick Trump, Jr., who died in 1981 at 43, then Donald in the middle, followed by Elizabeth Trump Grau, a retired bank executive, and finally Robert.

Following the footsteps of Donald Trump, Robert joined the family business and was a top executive in the company. However, he don’t like being social or in the public eye. He had to learn to remain that way after his high-profile divorce from socialite Blaine Trump. Blaine was his wife for about 25 years. The divorce served as a huge tabloid fodder. Robert had bought a house for his mistress on Long Island. It turned out to be a perfect recipe for the gossip pages.

Since then, Robert hasn’t been seen much in public domain. Living in Millbrook, New York, in the Hudson Valley, he leads a relatively parochial but lavish life with his partner and former secretary Ann Marie Pallan. Her family owned and operated Gurney’s for decades. It’s a famed Montauk resort and spa.


Town residents say that Robert maintains a reserved but friendly presence in the area. He uses his financial largesse to support several local causes and small businesses. Born in 1948, Rober is now 72 years old (2020). In his late 60s, he became a trustee of Angels of Light, and has donated a huge chunk of money to a horse rescue operation in the area, among others.

One resident said that he is not flamboyant and described him as a classy and dignified guy. However, he supported Donald’s presidential bid. He also supports the supporters of Donald like Republican Andrew Heaney. Robert do everything for his brother and other Republican affiliates like hosting parties, rallies, and other things.

Robert Trump Net Worth

Robert Trump has a net worth of $200 million. He used to manage the real estate holdings for the Trump Organization, was a business executive and real estate developer. He was married to Blaine from 1980 to 2008. Robert is now a board of director fro ZeniMax Media.

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