Recall- Red onions expected in salmonella outbreak shipped to all 50 states and Canada

Recall: Red onions expected in salmonella outbreak shipped to all 50 states and Canada


As per health officials, red onions that were potentially infected with Salmonella have been shipped to restaurants and supermarkets in 50 different states of the U.S. and Canada. On Saturday, the California-based company Thomson International of Bakersfield recalled all the red, yellow, sweet yellow, as well as white onions that were shipped from 1st May due to an ongoing concern that the lot might be Salmonella infected.

This information was brought out to light by the FDA. Onions had been sold in 5 to 50 pounds cartons as well as mesh sacks that ranged from 2 to 50 pounds. These onions were sold under the brand names TLC Thomson International, Thomson Premium, Kroger, Hartley’s Best, Food Lion, Tender Loving Care, Imperial Fresh, El Competitor, Onions 52, Utah Onions, as well as Majestic.

These onions were sent to the restaurants, wholesalers, as well as retail stores in 50 different states as well as Canadian and Columbian districts. In conjunction with the CDC, the Food and Drug Association is now investigating a salmonella outbreak of multiple levels that could possibly be linked with onions being exported to the supermarkets.

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