NEOWISE comet seen with Northern Lights in stunning image

OWISE comet seen with Northern Lights in stunning image


This month, the NEOWISE comet, dubbed as C/2020 F3, has delighted the skygazers across the globe, with photographers also capturing the scenic beauty above landmarks in the northern hemisphere.

Photographers have been taking its stunning pictures in the Pacific Northwest against a background which includes Northern Lights as well as the night-shining clouds.

Meteorologist Scott Sistek, explained that the phenomenon through a Facebook post on Tuesday, wherein he described the even like a night-time show which sky watchers and photographers will remember for ages.

The C/2020 F3 comet was first discovered in the month of March through Nasa’s space telescope, NEOWISE.

Photographers around the globe have been enjoying the comet in the clear sky right above landmarks, including UK’s Stonehenge.

The comet would remain visible through binoculars in the northern hemisphere until 23 July, as per the space agency. A few viewers have also seen the comet with naked eye when the weather conditions were favourable.

The comet’s lengthy trail is mainly made of gases and dust and stretches for several miles, as per Nasa. The authorities say that the comet can be best seen in north-eastern sky around an hour prior to dawn till 15 July. Later, they say that it will be viewed best in north-western sky right after sunset.

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