North Korea prepares anti-South leaflets amid heightened tensions

North Korea prepares anti-South leaflets amid heightened tensions


North Korea is planning to send anti-South leaflets, denouncing South Korea as well as the defectors from North Korea, said the state press on Saturday, a retaliation for the leaflets from South as the bilateral tensions increase.

The angry North Koreans across the nation are preparing for the launch of a big-sale leaflet distribution, said the state news outlet KCNA.

N Korea has put the blame on the defectors from the country for circulating the leaflets at the border as well as threatened the military action. Pyongyang, on Tuesday blew the inter-Korean liaison space to portray their displeasure against S Korea and the defectors for not halting the launch of the leaflets.

On Saturday, the unification ministry of S Korea, which looks after inter-Korean dialogue, informed that the plan of N Korea to launch leaflets was regrettable. It also urged N Korea to call off the plan instantly.

A group, led by defectors from N Korea, on Friday said that it had called off a plan which involved sending several plastic bottles full of medicine, face masks and rice on Sunday to N Korea by dumping them in the sea close to the border.

Both the Koreas, which still technically are at war because their 1950-1953 conflict ended sans any peace treaty, have waged the leaflet campaigns since decades.

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