Next In Fashion Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes & Netflix News

Netflix’s Next In Fashion Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

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The Netflix reality show for fashion competition Next in Fashion hit the screens on January 29, 2020. Only one season is out, and viewers are in love with the show. It presented various designs from various countries. Along with the viewers, designers also loved it as a better platform to make people aware of their fashion designing skills.

It has been a short time since the release of the first installment. The viewers are already waiting eagerly for season 2. It gained popularity over the other shows by its presentation and hosting skills of Tan France and Alexa Chung. To get more information regarding the second installment, keep reading the article to the end. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Will There Be Season 2 of Next In Fashion?

The streaming service has canceled the competitive show right after one installment. But the popularity and demand from the viewers can make the creators think for season 2. Also, Netflix has a legacy of releasing at least three seasons to a successful series. (check: Tower of God season 2.)

According to Tan France, the show was quite lovely and exciting to him. He said that he was thinking about season 2 all the time during the first segment. In an interview, he said that if he has done an installment, he will think about a sequel. We can somehow take it as an unofficial announcement of the upcoming installment.

When will Next In Fashion season 2 release?

There is no official announcement for renewal to date. It is quite impossible to say anything about the release date. Also, in the current conditions created by the pandemic coronavirus, it is highly unlikely to film any series. As it is a worldwide competition, and designers from different countries will have to move to the US. It will only be possible once the conditions switch back to normal. So we should not expect any release date before the beginning of 2021.

Next in Fashion Season 2 Host

The first installment was hosted by two intelligent hosts Tan France and Alexa Chung with their outstanding hosting skills. They also worked as Judges with some other guest Judges in each episode. Tan France is well known from another famous fashion show on Netflix “Queer Eye” as a fashion designer.

Although France is busy with the Queer Eye, he said he will make time for both of them and will not affect any of them due to each other. He said that he enjoyed the show very much and we can expect him to be there in season 2.

Secondly, Alexa Chung was there along with France. She is a British writer, TV presenter, Model, and Fashion Designer. The viewers can see her back on the screens of NIF in the second installment. She was seen enjoying the show very much. (check: B: The Beginning Season 2 Release Date, Characters, Plot, Trailer and Everything Else About Anime.)

Next in Fashion Season 2 Plot

In the first installment, there were ten episodes aired officially on a single date on January 29, 2020. Each episode has a different fashion style that was to be followed by the contestants. It had eighteen contestants presenting the designs from various fashion designers. In every episode, models do Catwalk to compete with each other. In every episode, one or two contestants get eliminated. It kept on till the winner was decided in the finale.

Minju Kim was the overall winner of the show, while Daniel Fletcher was the first runner up. The winner got a prize money of $250,000 as per the norms of the show.

In the second installment, we can see the same scenario as the old one. Some new models will compete with each other and new fashion designers from various parts of the world. New Judges are likely to be introduced in season 2.

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