Naagin Season 5 16th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Nageshwari takes a rebirth with Hriday and Akesh!

Naagin Season 5 15 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheel fights with the Naag army

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Today’s Naagin/Nagin episode begins with Aadi Naagin reciting her story to Vrinda. She says that she will tell her who was the one because of which she got separated from her Naag. She says that the one who spoiled the temple when they were not even blessed to become humans. She says that the story is 10,000 years old. She says that there was a time when Naag and Naagin’s weren’t even blessed to become Ichadaari.

The priest talks with the snake charmer that today is the biggest Maha Shiv Ratri. The snake charmer says that he is not even able to control the snakes. The priest says that they are Lord Shiv’s Naag and Naagins. The person says that Lord Shiv doesn’t even do anything for the snakes and the Cheels have an old cave wherein they praise Shaintaani Devta who blessed them to become humans too.

Naagin Season 5 15th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The snake charmer says to the priest that the Naag’s didn’t get any blessing and the Cheels might even kill them. The priest says that Lord Shiv does everything so they will bless Naag’s too and if someone does wrong, then Lord Shiv will curse them too.

The Cheel army comes and kills the humans to take the treasure box. They turn into an eagle avatar and take away the boxes towards their den. She says that the Cheels got blessed to become humans before Naag’s which turned to be a curse for others. The Cheel army enjoys victory by eating flesh and blood. The Cheel army dances on Cheel Cheel song.

She says that the Cheels were becoming more powerful and dangerous which make Naagvansh’s Naag helpless in front of them. Akesh, a powerful Cheel decides to steal more treasure. The king of Cheels comes there and asks about Akesh. He gets to know that Akesh and he say that Akesh must not have left as it is Maha Shivratri. One of the Cheel says that they did big loot so Akesh went to celebrate.

The king says that the real treasure is Naagmani so they should hunt it for Mrityu’s Devta. Kul guru comes that they should not do it as their Kul Deta is Mrityu’s Devta but they are Shiv Upasak and Shiva is Vinash’s Devta. He says that he is Mahakaal so they are inviting trouble if they think to enter the temple. The king says that their Kul Guru is stronger than Shiv so they blessed them to become humans.

The king orders the Cheel Army to attack the Naag at the temple and win Naag Mani from there. The person says that he has to protect Akesh from Roshni as he will change. The king says that he will save his child. The person says that his son will come in front of that Roshi which will come in human avatar in front of him.

The Cheel army enters the temple and destroyed everything by hitting on the priest too. Naag and Naagin come there to protect the temple. Aadi Naagin covers the Bhole Nath Shiv ling and pours fire from the mouth to fight against the Cheels. Lord Shiva blesses Aadi Naagin to take human avatar and she is holding the Naagmani. The Cheels decide to snatch away Naagmani from her.

Lord Shiva comes in front of her and asks her to destroy the Cheels. Aadi Naagin uses her power and fights with the Cheels. All the Naag and Naagins get blessed into a human avatar and defeat the Cheels. One Cheel runs away from the temple.

Aadi Naagin places Naagmani securely and takes blessing from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva performs Tandav in the temple and blesses Aadi Naagin to be Sarvashresth. The priest comes to the temple and praises Lord Shiva for the blessing.

The king of Cheels and his son get angry after knowing that the Naag’s killed their six cheels. Akesh closes his eyes after seeing sun rays. Everyone starts covering the rays from putting on Akesh. Akesh decides to take revenge but the king denies him. Akesh leaves from there.

Aadi Naagin runs to meet her Naag. She meets Hriday (her Naag Raj) and both starts romancing with each other. He calls her Nageshwari and praises her beauty. Both start dancing with each other. Akesh looks at Nageshwari and smiles seeing her. Nageshwari question who is he? Akesh says that he doesn’t know but does she know that she is very beautiful.

She says that she doesn’t know as she has not seen her. He shows her the knife to see herself in it. She pushes him away and Naag Raj also comes there. Naag Raj says that he is Cheel so she should stay away. The Cheel says that he is ready to die with her hands and she should be close to him. The Cheel holds her hand but Naag Raj hits him. The Cheel is lost in Nageshwari’s beauty and enjoy getting beaten by Naag Raj. The Cheel flies away from there.

The king questions Akesh who did this to him as he went to take revenge. Akesh says that he didn’t. The king questions why did he go then? Akesh says that he has lost his heart. Kul Guru says that he might have seen that Roshni who has controlled him.

Akesh says that she was a magic beauty, Chandan body, face with Chandrama sign, fog droplets, and he wants her. The king says that he wants Naagmani. Akesh says that he will get the Naagmani and that girl for him. Kul guru warns him not to let him go. The king says that he will kill the girl too. Akesh says that he will make Nageshwari as his queen.

Aadi Naagin celebrates Maha Shivratri with other Naag and Naagins too. Akesh asks the Cheel army to stop and he will go alone. But the army denies and Akesh hits all of them.

Precap: Aadi Naagin permits Cheels to enter the temple. Akesh kills Hriday and asks Nageshwari to be with him. She says that she hates him and bites him!

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