Naagin Season 5 16th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Nageshwari takes a rebirth with Hriday and Akesh!

Naagin Season 5 16 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Nageshwari takes a rebirth with Hriday and Akesh!

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Nagin 16 August 2020 Written Update: Today’s episode of Naagin begins with the Cheel army killing Naag and Naagins at the temple. Akesh stares at Nageshwari and kills Hriday by throwing a knife on him. Nageshwari gets shocked and wants to save Hriday but fails as he dies. Akesh’s army tries to kill Nageshwari but the bell falls over him and he gets dead.

Nageshwari is in anger and says that it was her mistake to trust the eagles and kills Akesh in her Aadi Naagin avatar. Akesh asks her to be with him. Nageshwari says that she hates him and will kill him in all her births. She attacks him and he says that he is ready to accept death from her hand. She throws him down the valley by pushing with her snake tail.

Nageshwari asks Hriday to open eyes and apologize for failing to save him. Lord Shiva appears in front of her and says that he was wrong at they gave them a blessing to be Ichadaari. He says that she will never become Ichadaari and all other Naag’s too will become after 100 years. He says that she can only get a chance to become Ichadaari after 10000 years and her rebirth will happen along with her love and Akesh in a different appearance.

Nageshwari makes a promise to Hriday to meet him after 10000 years and kill the eagles. She says that she wasn’t able to live with him but can die with him. She kills herself with a knife by saying Jai Bholenath. Nageshwari says to Vrinda that she waited for 10000 years to rebirth. Vrinda questions what happened to the Cheel?

Nageshwari says that he has wrong intentions and he will die again after rebirth if he tries to do any wrong thing. Dev comes into senses and calls for Vrinda. Vrinda hugs him and gets emotional. Vrinda apologizes that she failed to save him. He apologizes that his family killed her family. He says to Vrinda that he loves her. He looks at Nageshwari and she introduces her. Both of them get vanished from there.

Nageshwari puts the Naagmani in front of Lord Shiva and says that she is ready for the rebirth.  The priest says that Nageshwari, Hriday, and eagle will take rebirth. It has been 40 years. Snake charmer talks with the priest that Lord Shiva is the history creator and Tandav will happen after snakes and eagles rebirth.

Nageshwari has taken rebirth and she gets up from a dream of Akesh throwing knife on Hriday in the presence of Nageshwari. Noor comes to her and tells her that today is marriage so she should get up.

Snake charmer says that Nageshwari has taken rebirth and Akesh will either kill her or die which is not known. He says that it is a deciding night today and nobody knows about Lord Mahadev’s Maya.

The house is decorated for the wedding celebrations. A snake comes inside the house. Noor is the bride and she is getting ready. She is searching for her Pasa but thinks that Bani can help her. A snake comes into her room and she gets scared.

Bani is coming with the gifts but collides with Khala and the gifts fall. Khala helps her and she says that she is stressed. Khala knows that sweets can help her so she makes her eat it. Khala asks her to give Pasa to Noor. When Bani is coming inside, snakes are present on her side.

Bani comes to Noor and grabs the snake in her hand. Bani says to the snake that her bestie is getting married so she should not be disturbed and puts the snakes outside from the window. Bani questions Noor whether she is happy? Noor says that she is happy to compromise for her family.

Noor and Bani come downstairs. Noor asks Bani to be with the friends. Bani’s sisters speak about Gautam, a rich guy. Bani says that richness doesn’t attract people. A lady arrives there and speaks to Noor not to teach this to her daughters. Bani calls her Maa but she raises her eyes not to call her.

Gautam’s sister says that he needs to do something before the full moon night. Jai enters the venue and Bani experience a huge wind blowing on her face. Jai also gets the same feeling. Jai says to Ali that his love will be divine.

The altar decoration was about to fall from the winds but Bani and Jai hold it from opposite sides. They get a different feeling by sensing each other’s presence. Noor’s mother calls Bani for some help. Bani and Jai get trapped under a dupatta.

Snake charmer and priest see that the stars are meeting. He says that their story has begun and the black spot on the moon will be Akesh.

A guy is riding a bike and doing stunts on it. He is shown as Akesh’s rebirth. He comes to the marriage along with his friends. The guard asks them to keep the wine outside. The biker removes her helmet and asks her friends to drink it. All of them drink it and enters the venue.

He meets the groom Ahmed and wipes his face from a cloth. Ahmed questions how is he behaving? He says that the cloth was present at his house. Ali says that they have no interest in his life. The guy says that Noor slept with him last night and it is her nighty. Noor says to Bani that she doesn’t want to marry and her mistake last night.

Noor gets emotional and says that she is tensed for her parents. The guy says that he has her photos too and tells Ahmed that Noor just wanted money. Bani says to Noor that he doesn’t have any right to make her pictures public.

Jai asks the guy to stop it and calls him cheap for such an act. Ahmed ends his marriage with Noor. Jai asks him to talk in private with Noor. Jai calls the guy devil.

Precap: The guy declares that the wedding is not more. Jai hits on him and he hits back. Bani sees them!

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