Man accused of threatening to shoot Seattle police officers faces federal charges

Man accused of threatening to shoot Seattle police officers faces federal charges


A man, in his 20s, has been federally charged for possessing an improvised firearm at a protest in the city of Seattle, announced Brian Moran, a US Attorney on Wednesday.

The officials said that 25-year-old Devinare Parker, a resident of North Carolina, was taken behind bars on 31 May after he allegedly threw a beer can through the window of a Seattle Police vehicle and struck a police officer in his face.

Upon his arrest, officials said that Devinare was in the possession of an improvised gun that could fire shotgun shells.

The police, in one criminal complaint, said Devinare told the officers that he brought the firearm to the Seattle protest for shooting as well as killing the police officers.


In a press release, Moran said that the defendant went to a protest with a device which could have been extremely fatal for not just the police but also the protestors in that area. The authorities will take appropriate action to eliminate threats like these from the community and keep people safe, Moran added.

The office of the US Attorney said that Devinare is presently under state custody and will appear before a fed judge when state charges against him are resolved.

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