Maine sees fewest number of new coronavirus cases since April

Maine sees fewest number of new coronavirus cases since April


Another 9 coronavirus cases have been found in Maine, said the health officials on Tuesday, marking the lowest no. of cases that the state has witnessed since 27 April.

Around 2819 cases have been recorded in all Maine’s counties so far since the coronavirus outbreak began there in March, as per the Maine CDC. That is up from the 2810 cases recorded on Monday this week.

Of these, 2499 are confirmed coronavirus cases while the report of 320 cases is yet to come out, as per the CDC.

Fortunately, no new coronavirus death cases were reported on Tuesday, thus leaving the Maine death toll stagnant at 101. The state has witnessed just one new coronavirus death case in the last week.

Up till now, 321 residents of Maine have been admitted to hospital due to coronavirus, while 2233 individuals have completely recovered from the deadly virus. This means that there are around 485 likely and active cases in Maine, as per the CDC, which is lower than the 520 cases on Monday.

On Tuesday, there were 75,231 negative coronavirus test results of 79,084 total cases. Around 4 per cent of all the tests have turned out to be positive, shows the data of the Maine CDC.

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