Lego's buildable NES console comes with a 'playable' game

Lego’s buildable NES console comes with a ‘playable’ game


Lego has finally unveiled the brick-based copy of the famous Nintendo Entertainment System. The ‘console,’ as expected, does not really play games. But there is a buildable retro television, which features a small, flat 8-bit Mario figure as well as one crank that shifts the level slowly in background. Furthermore, the kit also includes an action brick which the Lego Mario can scan from the Super Mario Starter Course. Once activated, he reacts to obstacles, enemies as well as power-ups the same way he would in the famous Super Mario Bros video game.

Meanwhile, any NES would not be complete sans a rectangular cartridge and controller. You also get the option to open the console’s front and have your favorite game ‘loaded.’ The gigantic build, which features more than 2,600 bricks, would be available for sale via Lego’s official website and retail stores starting 1 august for USD 229.99.

Notably, Nintendo and the Lego Group announced about their collaboration previously this year, in an attempt to roll out a fun-filled Lego Super Mario Universe via a Starter Course. The upcoming console exclusively includes one Lego Mario figure that displays an array of reactions to color, movement and several action bricks.

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