Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2020 Written Update: Ranbir proves Prachi’s innocence!

Kumkum Bhagya 20 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ranbir is successful in proving Prachi’s innocence!

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The episode begins with Ranbir says that Prachi is innocent and he shows the stolen money. Beeji and Pallavi apologize to Prachi about blaming her. Prachi says that it is okay and anyone might behave in this way in such a situation. Abhi says to Aaliya that she should apologize too. Aaliya says that she has charge her phone and leaves. Abhi thinks Aaliya will never change.

Vikram says to Prachi that she should forgive them. Prachi says that she just needs them to trust her and not apologize. Ranbir says to Prachi that everyone trusts her so she should be happy. Prachi hugs him and thanks for it. Rhea gets jealous. Abhi finds Rhea is angry and thinks it is because she is in love. Prachi apologizes and Rhea leaves. Aaliya goes behind Rhea. Abhi thinks Rhea must not be jealous as Ranbir is in love with her.

Aaliya says to Rhea that she should not be anger in front of everyone. Rhea says that why everyone doesn’t see her goodness. Rhea says that Prachi has got the world’s best mother too. Aaliya says that she has the best family so she should not be stressed. Abhi comes there and questions Rhea why is she crying? Rhea says that he doesn’t love her. (check: Kumkum Bhagya Writtten Updates.)

Abhi says that he knows as she is jealous of Prachi. Abhi thinks that Rhea can’t control her jealous and when they love someone they will get more love. Aaliya thinks to make Sanju go underground. Aaliya and Abhi go to the office. Rhea thinks that she just hates Prachi. Aaliya is finding her phone and thinks anyone can pic Sanju’s call.

Aaliya looks at Prachi on the sofa. Pallavi says that she mistakenly gave her phone to Prachi as it looks similar to hers too. Aaliya says that she will take it and she is messaging Sanju but it gets fail. Ranbir is happy that he proved Prachi’s innocence. (check: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2020.)

Pragya congratulates Prachi that the thief is caught. Prachi says that the thief has run away but everyone knows about her innocence. Sarita Behen says that it is enough and why is she taking so much time over there? Prachi says that she came to buy an umbrella seeing the weather.

Pragya goes out to get the clothes. Sarita thinks that she knows about her happiness which is because of Ranbir. Aaliya and Abhi come to Prachi’s home. Abhi enjoys listening to songs. Aaliya looks at Prachi standing with Pragya.

Maya comes to Ranbir’s home with 10 lakh money. Ranbir questions why did she came here and questions whether anyone knows about her presence? Maya denies it. Ranbir says that he doesn’t need the money anymore and thanks to her. Rhea listens to them. Maya says that she is happy as she got to help him. Ranbir sends her back before anyone sees her.

Aryan questions about Maya’s presence? Ranbir says that he feels she is a sweet person. Abhi doesn’t see them but thinks to clear the broken wires with Prachi. Aaliya gets worried and thinks she can’t even imagine Pragya coming back in their life and no one should know that Rhea is Abhi’s daughter.

Aaliya says to Abhi that he might catch a shock. Abhi says that it is why he is going to use the stick! Pragya and Prachi come there with the stick. Aaliya comes to the car and says that she is not able to breathe because she is having chest pain.

Pragya keeps away the wires. Abhi comes down to see the bonnet. Aaliya gets worried as Abhi might notice them which can be a huge mess. Aaliya hopes that Abhi should never meet Pragya.

Precap: Rhea is jealous seeing Ranbir getting close to Prachi!

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2 thoughts on “Kumkum Bhagya 20 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ranbir is successful in proving Prachi’s innocence!

  1. Abhi see your aliya she didn’t her Planned to gave the money for sanju.
    Abhi so please try to understand that you can do it.
    Ranbir this rhea she didn’t her Planned to gave the money for sanju hunderd percent that only rhea didn’t her Planned.
    Ranbir you don’t talk to rhea you just leave them.
    Pranchi you can hug to ranbir that is nice for you.

  2. Abhi your daughter rhea she didn’t her Planned to gave the money for sanju so I am telling to you Abhi.
    Abhi you ask to rhea what she didn’t you came to know that.

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