Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2020 Written Update: Ranbir proves Prachi’s innocence!

Kumkum Bhagya 19 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ranbir proves that Prachi is innocent!

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The episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir receives a call and Abhi questions what has happened? Ranbir says that he has got to know about the thief. Ranbir goes with Aryan.

Vikram calls Abhi and apologizes for their behavior. Abhi says that Ranbir has found out the thief. Abhi asks him to tell Aaliya that the middle class doesn’t mean being a thief. Vikram tells Pallavi and she calls Aaliya to inform her. Pallavi says that she will apologize to Prachi and Vikram praises her for it.

Aaliya comes to Sanju’s house and asks for his phone. Sanju says that he was just kidding and gives his phone to her. Sanju says that he did her work as he trusted her but she doesn’t trust her. Aaliya asks him about the cash. He says that his friend has the money. Aaliya asks him to keep 20% and return the remaining cash at her backyard.

Aaliyah receives a call from Pallavi and she tells her that Prachi hasn’t stolen the money as the real thief is someone else. Pallavi says that Ranbir has gone to find the thief. Aaliya says that it is great news and she will call her back.

Rhea says to Pragya that something is running in her mind so she should speak it. Pragya says that she has a bracelet that is special to her. Pragya says to Rhea that this bracelet will keep her happy with her and she wants to give it to her. Pragya asks her to put the bracelet on her forehead in any problem. Rhea asks her to make her wear it. Rhea’s friend Dimpy comes there and asks her to fix her car. Rhea asks Pragya to sit in the car and she will come in a minute.

Aaliya slaps Sanju and he questions how come she slapped him? Aaliya says that his friend who has the money is caught by Ranbir’s private investigator. Aaliya says that she is doing all this for Rhea. Someone comes there and Sanju asks him to keep his hand on his cheeks as she might slap him. Aaliya says to Sanju that he didn’t do anything against Prachi. Prachi slaps another person too and he replies not to mess with him. She slaps him again but he takes an object to hit her. Sanju stops him and asks her to go.

Aryan and Ranbir run behind the man. Ranbir gets the bag from the man’s hand.

Aaliya calls Rhea but her phone is in the car. Pragya says to Rhea but she informs her to speak that she will talk later. Aaliya gets shocked by hearing Pragya’s voice but thinks it might be her illusion. Pragya says to Rhea that she couldn’t inform her Buji as the call disconnected. Rhea says that it is fine. Rhea says that her Buji speaks that blood is thicker than water. Pragya recalls Aaliya used to speak this.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she is with Prachi’s mom. Aaliya asks her to return home soon. Rhea says to Pragya that she has to return home urgently. Pragya says that she will take a taxi.

Rhea calls Buji and Aaliya says that Ranbir has found out about the thief. Ranbir says that the man ran but they got his bag. Ranbir informs Abhi about it. Abhi asks Prachi to come home with him as the stolen money is found.

Ranbir comes there with Aryan. Ranbir says that he hired a private detective to catch the thief. Ranbir says that his investigator told the thief’s exact location and he reached over there but couldn’t catch him. Ranbir says that he has got the bag from the thief and shows 10 lakhs money. Aaliya fakes a smile.

Precap: Ranbir and Prachi hug each other which makes Rhea jealous!

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