Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2020 Written Update: Ranbir proves Prachi’s innocence!

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 18 August 2020 (Zee TV): Rhea feels good with Pragya!

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Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Abhi questions Sarita Behen how come she knows about his arrival as he tapped on the right shoulder and standing on the left side. She says that she knows the game from her childhood. Abhi says that tea is taking so much time. She asks him to smell the aroma and he says it is smelling good.

She says that Mr. Kohli might be in anger and she tried to stop the thief but they kept a knife on Prachi so she failed. He asks her not to think much as her hair will get while and they Jodi won’t match. She says that she wants to set him with Prachi’s mother but she doesn’t forget her husband. She says that she will show him her husband’s pic.

Pragya calls Sarita Behen that she is coming home. Sarita Behen says that she is waiting for her and denis Abhi that they can’t steal the pic now. Prachi thanks Ranbir and he apologizes for everything that happened. Ranbir wipes Prachi’s tears. He says that he will correct everything so she should not cry. Rhea sees them and gets jealous.

She comes between them and says that she came to take her keys. Aaliya receives the edited footage to prove Prachi as a thief and asks the person to thanks Sumit from her side.

Rhea comes outside and cries badly that Prachi has snatched her dad and Ranbir too. She hits her hand over the car and Pragya comes there. Rhea gets emotional and hugs her. Rhea says not to leave her. Pragya says that she won’t.


Aaliya gets a call from Sanju and she says that he is calling now. He says that he doesn’t have her number so didn’t call her. Aaliya asks him to return the money or else she’ll inform the police. He says that he can call the police too and tell him that she asked her to steal the money. He laughs that he has all her call recordings.

She gets shocked. He laughs that he was kidding and where he has to keep the money? She disconnects the call that she will talk later. She recalls that she didn’t utter her, Rhea, or Sanju’s name in the call so it is safe. Sanju thinks Rhea will get mad at him now.

Aaliya thinks to call Sanju from the PCO only. Rhea says to Pragya that she feels a connection after meeting her as she might be missing her mother. Pragya says that she also thinks that her daughter would be like her. Rhea asks Pragya to stay with her and don’t go inside.

Abhi says to Sarita Ji to surprise Prachi’s mom outside. Rhea says to Pragya that she feels jealous of Prachi as she has her. Pragya says that it happens between sisters. Rhea’s hand pains and Pragya cares for her. Sarita and Abhi look at them but Pragya is hidden by the car.


Rhea asks Pragya for a long drive and she agrees. Both of them sit in the car and leaves. Sarita stops Abhi not to go without drinking tea. Abhi feels happy that Rhea has a good tuning with Prachi’s mom.

Pragya questions Rhea why is she upset? Rhea says that her father doesn’t love her. Pragya says that parents always love their children. Rhea says that she is not perfect so her father doesn’t love her. Pragya says that daughters are daughters and not good or bad. Pragya says that her Dad praised her when he met Prachi at the award function.

Rhea questions whether she wanted to have a daughter like Prachi? Pragya says that she is proud of it but she would be happier if Rhea was also her daughter.

Precap: Ranbir has found the thief!

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