Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2020 Written Update: Ranbir proves Prachi’s innocence!

Kumkum Bhagya 17 August 2020 Written Episode 1645 Update: Abhi supports Prachi in front of everyone!

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Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi crying and Abhi comes there. He says that she has ruined his bedsheet and blanket with her tears. He says that it might not be a funny joke. Prachi says that she has not stolen and he says that he didn’t say it to her. She says that Aaliya ma’am said in front of everyone.

He questions who called her like his daughter, him, or Aaliya ma’am? Prachi says that she can’t hear anything against her mother and media is also present downstairs. Abhi laughs at her that Vikram will see the media.

Vikram says to the media not to publish any news related to theft and cancels the press conference. A reporter asks Vikram to check if anything else is also stolen. Ranbir beats the reporter. Vikram asks to ignore him. Ranbir says that they used to trust and love that girl and now everything changed because of a single moment. Ranbir asks them to think from their heart.

Pallavi says but theft has happened! Ranbir says that it is not stolen but missing. Ranbir says that Prachi suffered so much because of him. Rhea says that they are good with Prachi and that’s why she is not at the police station. Pallavi agrees with her and blames Prachi for the stolen money. Aryan comes there and hears them.

Abhi says to Prachi that she should think about her mother and not anyone else. He says that she should think about what her mom thinks about her! Prachi says that he talks like her mother. Rhea interrupts and says to Abhi that she is jealous as he never made her understand with love. Abhi says that she never understands when he does it.

He asks Prachi to leave as it is off now. Rhea says that she will also come as she hasn’t met Prachi’s mother for long. Aryan says to Ranbir that he should prove Prachi’s innocence and he knows it too.

Abhi says to Vikram that he will transfer 10 lakhs. Vikram says that he won’t take money from him. Aaliya says he doesn’t trust her as she is his sister. Abhi says that Aaliya is his daughter and repeats like his daughter. Abhi says that Prachi is like his family so he has to return the money. Aryan also goes to drop Prachi. Aaliya tries to make others think against Prachi but Beeji asks her to end the matter.

Abhi, Rhea, and Aryan arrive at Prachi’s home to drop her. Sarita Behen goes to make tea for them. Prachi thanks Abhi for trusting her. Abhi says that she should learn to be happy like Rhea. Aryan says that he will do his work on the call and leave with them only. Abhi thinks Aryan is making excuses to be with Prachi. Rhea leaves to attend a call.

Rhea says to Aaliya to do something against Prachi. Aaliya asks her to relax as she has asked someone to send her the CCTV footage by deleting Sanju’s footage which can prove Prachi has stolen money. Aaliya calls Sanju using another number but he doesn’t respond.

Prachi apologizes to Abhi that he might be thinking she is such an emotional girl. She says that it is good her father is not with her as he might always say that his daughter keeps crying every time. She says that he should laugh at her silly jokes. Abhi starts laughing and says that his father would have been so lucky to have her. He says that even he also wishes to have a daughter like her. Rhea gets angry hearing them.

Precap: Rhea feels jealous seeing Ranbir getting attracted to Prachi!

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