Arizona Superintendent Kathy Hoffman Hates Bibles & Want Kindergartners To Learn 'Sexual Positions' Hoax: Is it true?

Arizona Superintendent Kathy Hoffman Hates Bible & Want Kindergartners To Learn ‘Sexual Positions’ Hoax: Is it true?


On August 20, a viral tweet from Femme (@RealBasedMaga) caught everyone’s attention which claimed that Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, “hates the Bible so much” that she has decided to “start kindergartners learning masturbation and sexual positions.” Check out the entire tweet.

Breaking the tweet down paragraph by paragraph, we uncovered that the first paragraph is entirely true. According to, Kathy Hoffman has a personal connection with the book and she swore on a book titled Too Many Moose.

The constitution states that it is not compulsory for an individual to take the oath on the Bible or go through religious tests to be elected as government officials.

Also, the first paragraph states that she swore on a book written by Dr. Seuss and the claim is false. The book Too Many Moose is written by Lisa M. Bakos. The tweet also explicitly claimed that Hoffman hates the bible, however, we have not found any verbal evidence or document stating the same.

On the contrary, she said the book by Lisa “has lots of sentimental value to me because this is my students’ favourite book.” Being a former teacher, she loves what her students love.

Does Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Want Kindergartners To Learn ‘Sexual Positions’?

Last year, Kathy Hoffman reconstructed the sex education law from State Martin Quezada to the state’s board of education. The major change brought to the law was the removal of classes that “shall not include the teaching of abnormal, deviate, or unusual sexual acts and practices.”

And in place of such classes, subjects which are “medically and scientifically accurate” must be taught to the students from an early age. She focused mainly on the concept of children learning more about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and to know the precautionary measures.

However, the Arizona Board of Education rejected the proposal blatantly. (Also read: Donna Hylton Speaks at DNC as “Impactful Community Leader”: Convicted Rapist, Torturer, and Murderer Who Squeezed Her Victim’s Testicles With Pliers.)

As of right now, sex education is optional in Arizona. The parents are given the choice to include the subject of Sex Education in their children’s curriculum. The local police law suggests that an appropriate age is required for a child to receive Sex Education. However, the “appropriate age” tag is not clearly defined.

It states, “stress that pupils should abstain from sexual intercourse until they are mature adults.”

The phrase lucidly means that kindergarten students have no chance at learning topics such as masturbation or sexual positions. And even if Hoffman wanted or tried to do it, she would fail the attempt to bring this change as the sex-ed curriculums are entirely in the hands of school boards.

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