Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14 August 2020 Written Update: Komolika to hurt Prerna

Kasauti Zindagi Kay Season 2 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Komolika wants to hurt Prerna!

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The Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 episode begins with Komolika says to Ronit that he need to do something quick as she wants to hurt Prerna now.
Prerna questions Mr. Bajaj whether he is leaving for London. He says that he just needs some time alone as a businessman. He asks her not to do anything which lets Komolika catch her weakness, and he doesn’t want to miss his flight.

She stops him and gives the passport. She says that she remembers he forgets his passport always. He says that he does it intentionally to check whether she remembers it or not. Both smile. He says that he trusts her a lot. She receives a call.

Mr. Bajaj thinks he wishes he could tell his feelings to her, but he doesn’t want to lose her as she thinks a lot about Anurag. Prerna asks him to meet Kukki. He says that he is getting late and leaves from there. Kukki gets upset and leaves for college. Prerna thinks why Mr. Bajaj doesn’t behave with Kukki the same way he used to do in her childhood.

Kukki collides with Kaushik but doesn’t give any reaction. Anushka meets Kaushik and says that Kukki is upset today. He says that she is always like that. Anushka says that he already knows that Kukki doesn’t like him, and she will get angry if she sees her with him. Anushka says, shall she go to Kukki. He says that he is a good-looking and understanding man so she should go to her and tell it. She agrees for it.

Anushka says to Kukki that she has forgiven her. Kukki starts crying and says that Dad has gone to London, and he doesn’t love her. Kukki gets into an argument with Kaushik. Someone comes there and says to Kukki that the principal is calling her.

Kaushik says that he would love it if the principal scolds her for being so careless as she left her bag here, which can be stolen, and she will blame him for it.
Ronit informs Komolika that Prerna has used all her funds to donate to the orphan. Komolika thinks to learn about the truth behind such a significant donation. She recalls that Samidha is Prerna’s weakness, so she can torture her to make Prerna feel bad.

Anurag meets Moloy and talks with him. Anurag says that he won’t let anything happen to Shivani and asks about Kaushik. Moloy says that he has gone to the college as his result is to be out today. Anurag says that he just forgot it.

Kaushik gets to know that the principal has made Kukki accused of leaking question papers. Kaushik recalls when he used Kukki’s phone to leak the documents. Kukki tries to defend that she hasn’t done it.

The principal says that Prerna has put a donation offer, but she gave her admission seeing her marks, and now she knows how she had those marks! Kukki says that she studied well for it. The principal asks Kukki to ring her parents and call them here. Kukki starts crying. Kaushik also goes from there.

Komolika arrives at the orphanage, wherein Prern has made an enormous donation. Komolika looks at Priyanka and recalls that she was doing decoration at Prerna’s house. She says that she wants to hire her for some decoration work.

Priyanka says that she know Prerna asked her to hire her, she came with so much stuff for kids, and she is ready for the work as Prerna has such a big heart. Samidha also comes there. Komolika says that she has found her.

Samidha questions whether she was looking for her? Komolika agrees and holds her face to put hands on her neck.

Precap: The principal asks Prerna to consult the trustee. Anurag is present there to sign Kukki’s rustication papers. Prerna looks at him!

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