Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14 August 2020 Written Update: Komolika to hurt Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 14 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Komolika thinks to use Samidha to hurt Prerna!

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The Kasauti Zindagi Ki today’s episode begins with Samidha questioning Komolika for searching her. Komolika says that she was informed that a cute girl is here, so she came to see her. Komolika says that she has found her here and asks her to come to her home with her Maasi.

Samidha agrees. Komolika asks her to promise her, and she does. Komolika questions whether she likes Prerna aunty? Samidha starts speaking about Prerna, and Komolika gets irritated from it.

Kukki gets upset, recalling everything that happened at the principal’s office. Kaushik comes to her and puts her bag there. Kukki is crying and says that the principal has rusticated her. She says that she has not leaked the papers and starts crying.

She puts her head on his shoulder and gets emotional that she studies with hard work. Kaushik feels guilty for Kukki. Kukki leaves from there. (check: Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Updates.)

Priyanka asks Samidha to play with her friends. Priyanka says to Komolika that there was no need for her to come here as Anurag could have called her. Komolika questions how does she know him? Priyanka says that everyone over here knows him.

Samidha comes to Maasi in a hurry and asks her to come downstairs as Ritu has got hurt. Komolika thinks, what is Anurag’s connection over here?

Monish calls Kaushik, but he is lost. Kaushik says that the principal has found out that the papers are leaked. Monish says that they sent it to Rocky only, but he might have leaked it. Kaushik says that the principal thinks it is Kukki’s work, and she was crying badly. Monish asks him to keep his mouth shut.

Priyanka and Samidha bring Ritu upstairs as she got hurt. Komolika questions Priyanka how come she knows Anurag Basu Priyanka says that he is donating for their orphanage for a long time. Komolika thinks that she should check how much Anurag has donated over here!

Kukki comes to Prerna and starts crying. Kukki tells her everything happened at the college, and the principal has called her parents. Prerna says that she is also her parent, and she will go.

The principal calls Anurag to come to the college for some formalities. He thinks that Kaushik might have done some mischievous act. Prerna comes at the college with Kukki. On the other hand, Anurag also reaches there.

The peon thanks Kukki for helping her and gives her the drawing made by his child. He says that his child got all the study material with her donation. Prerna takes Kukki as they are getting late.

Prerna meets the principal and says that they are thinking wrong about Kukki. The principal says that she has proof as Kukki’s number is used for leaking papers. Prerna says that she can also give the evidence as she is not the kind of girl who can do this. The principal says that the trustee had made this rule to rusticate.

Prerna sits outside with Kukki. The peon comes to them that he heard everything, and they can talk with the trustee about it.

Anurag meets the principal and professor. She informs him that a student has leaked the exam papers, so they want his sign for rustication. The peon comes over there, and Anurag greets him. Anurag sign on the documents, and the peon sees it. Anurag goes from there.

The professor calls Kukki and Prerna inside the office. The peon makes Prerna meet the trustee. Anurag and Prerna get shocked by seeing each other.
Precap: Anurag hears Prerna talking with Kukki and finds out that she is getting rusticated.

Anurag says to the principal that he wants to undo the rustication, but she denies that Kukki can’t come to the college until inquiry completes!

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