Who is Jeffree Star's boyfriend? Andre Marhold Wiki, Wife, Baby Momma, Net Worth, Instagram

Jeffree Star: New Boyfriend is basketball NBA player Andre Marhold; Ex (Nathan Schwandt) returns to Instagram

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After splitting from his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, YouTube beauty mogul Jeffree Star has posted a cryptic picture on Instagram. In it, he can be seen with his new & rumored boyfriend Andre Marhold. It has been five months only since Star and Schwandt broke up, but the latter has already found a new relationship.

The new man in Star’s life is a basketball player and CEO from Atlanta. He has posted candid pictures of the couple on Instagram. Recently, Jeffree Star published a video on YouTube. It’s regarding a ‘first date’ with actor Jozea Rose. Rose did his makeup when they used to hang out.

But, Jeffree Star posted a picture with his new man. And, it seemed to be a cryptic message that he has found his love in another man. It looked like that he has gone official with Marhold. However, he didn’t reveal the identity of the person in question. So, it was left up to fans to do research and find about him.

In the photo, Star can be seen sitting into the lap of his new muscular, tattooed man while his body his identity. Within no time, the fans started to guess the name, but Star ruled out the name of 28-year-old Jozea. Moreover, Jozea doesn’t have tattoos on his arms. So, he’s not the man in context.

Besides, the fans also guessed the name of Todrick Hall. Though RuPaul’s Drag Race judge and dance coach has lots of ink on his arms, but after looking closely, we found out that they are different. So, Hall is also not the man in question here.

Who is the boyfriend of Jeffree Star? Who is Jeffree Star dating? Andre Marhold Wiki

Although there was not a single detail or confirmation on who the man is in the picture, there are numerous top-level detectives on the internet. They did research and noticed certain similar details between the tattoos and a person.

In the picture, you could see a tattoo of basketball at the top of the arm of the man. Moreover, the man is muscular in build. It simply suggests that the man loves and plays a lot of sport or is a fitness freak.

The fans didn’t give Jeffree a chance to disclose the name of his boyfriend. Jeffree Star may have tried to build suspense around the reveal, but the followers turned out to be two steps ahead. They cracked the code and unveiled the identity. He is none other than basketball player Andre Marhold.

Upon matching, we could clearly see the tattoos on the hand of 6’6″ man. They perfectly match to the photo. The man is the CEO of an Atlanta based talent agency. Strikingly, Jeffree and Andre don’t follow each on the social media. Adding to it, the 30-year-old basketball player had made its account private as Jeffree’s fans started to follow him.

But, the fans are still confused over the idea of his relationship. It’s because of the past scandals involving racism and other things. The followers don’t think this is a true relationship. They consider it to be a way of hiding or covering up his wrongdoings. They commented on various thoughts.

Whatever the case may be, Jeffree seems trying to keep this relationship low than his past one. After publicly spilling up with his ex-boyfriend Nathan, Jeffree said that they will be friends forever, and he will always have love for him.

The well-known Instagram gossip account – The Shade Room – was one of the first who identified the identity. Seeing it, some critics didn’t like the reveal as they suggested that TSR revealed the sexuality of Andre Marhold.

However, Jeffree Star accepted it and confirmed the identity. And, soon, he began posting the pictures of both together.

Jeffree Star became a trend for the day as people were reacting to the newfound relationship of Star. Some commented that he is paying Andre Marhold to be his boyfriend.

It was not all, a self-identified ex-girlfriend of Andre Marhold replied to the tweet containing pictures. However, we don’t know if she is his actual ex-girlfriend. Whatever the case may be, the post went viral.

Andre Marhold Net Worth

As of now, we don’t know about his net worth. But, as he is a basketball player, Marhold’s assets must lie in millions. We will update it as soon as more information is made available. So, stick with this page.

Andre Marhold Wife – baby mama Emmanuella Chartol

As soon as the identity of Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend is revealed, everybody started searching if Marhold has been in a relationship with somebody in the past or not. It turned out he was dating Emmanuella Chartol with whom he has a son. Before getting with Jeffree Star, he allegedly broke up with Chartol.

Andre Marhold Instagram

The NBA player is quite active on Instagram, but he has been keeping his profile private so that no outsider can view his latest posts. As of writing this, he has 12,000 followers and his Instagram handle is @amarxiii.


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