Jacob Blake Paralyzed As Shot 7 Times: Wiki/Bio, Family, Criminal Record, Why Shot, Is he dead or alive?

Jacob Blake Paralyzed Below Waist After Wisconsin Police Shot Him 7 Times In Back: Family Attorney


The Wisconsin police shot a 29-year-old man named Jacob Blake seven times in the back. It has left him partially paralyzed as told by his family attorney Benjamin Crump. On Tuesday, it was revealed that he can’t walk now and is undergoing surgery.

According to Crump, Blake is struggling to keep up with his life as bullets severed his spinal cord shattering his vertebrae. It is being said that only a miracle would make Jacob Blake Jr walk again. Reportedly, he will have to struggle to become a man he once was.

Attorney Patrick Salvi was also asked about the case and injuries that Blake has sustained. He told that at-least one bullet tore punctured his spinal cord. Moreover, the bullets made holes in his stomach, also damaged his liver and kidney. Salvi continued to share that his entire colon and small intestine are needed to be removed.

Why was Jacob Blake shot seven times in back?

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is now investigating the shooting which took place around 5 pm on Sunday. It happened when officers reached to the spot of domestic violence. In the video, Blake can be seen walking away from the WPD officer towards the driver side’s door of the parked SUV. It promoted the officer to grab his shirt. As soon as Blake leaned into the car, the officer opened the fire at him in the back.

The shooting video of Jacob Blake went viral on social media in no time. It caused unrest in the city for two days now. After the case went to higher authorities, the two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. The Wisconsin DOJ is investigating the case with the help of the FBI.

Blake’s family publicly denounced the shooting incident that took place on Tuesday saying that the police shot him seven times like he didn’t even matter. At the press conference, his father came forward and said that his son mattered as everyone as a human being matters. He is struggling for his life and need prayers, his father added.

One of his sisters said that numerous people have called the family, after Blake was shot, and offered their condolences. She said that people don’t need to be sorry as the same thing has been happening to her family since a long time than she can account for. She was speaking of the black community in the USA. She added that it happened to Emmett Till, Philando (Castille), Mike Brown, Sandra (Bland).

Jacob Blake Protests

According to her, it has been happening to them, and she has shed tears for each one of them. She said that she is angry and tired of it, and numb as she has stopped crying several years ago. Police have been murdering people who look like them. (check: Jacob Blake criminal past.)

On Tuesday, Governor Tony Evers declared an emergency in Wisconsin and asked for the presence of up to 250 National Guard personnel. Moreover, at 8 pm, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department implemented a curfew for the third night a row.

Reportedly, Jacob was shot in the incident of trying to separate two women who were fighting on the street. But, reports also say that he was issued an arrest warrant for his previous assault on police officers.

Is Jacob Blake Dead or Alive?

As of writing this, Blake is alive and in hospital. He is not dead yet. He is suffering for his life in the ICU and being treated at the Kenosha Hospital for the same.

Jacob Blake Wiki Age Profession

The 29-year-old Jacob has four children, is engaged and has a fiancee. He works as a security guard.

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