Jacob Blake Criminal History/Records/Past/Arrests: Donald Trump Jr share unrelated Jacob Blake's criminal records

Jacob Blake Criminal History/Records/Past/Arrests: Donald Trump Jr share unrelated Jacob Blake’s criminal records


Jacob Blake is a 29-year-old man who was shot by a police officer at the back multiple times on Sunday when he was entering an SUV. The officer shot him in front of his three children having ages three, five and eight. His family and friend have confirmed that the surgery part is done and he is currently in the intensive care unit.

It resulted in protests against police in Kenosha, Wisconsin where Jacob Blake was shot. Once again the Black community people have attempted for their voices to be heard by the people in power.

On August 25, the prominent right-wing commentator Andy Ngo shared on Twitter about Jacob Blake claiming that he was shot by police because “he has a history of assaulting police”. The post also includes a link which shows a detailed criminal history. The link shows unrelated past charges against Blake to give justification for the shooting.

The complete tweet reads, “Jacob Blake, the man shot by police in Kenosha, Wisc., has a history of assaulting police. He also has past charges for domestic abuse & a sex crime. There’s a warrant for his arrest. BLM rioters are currently destroying the city to avenge the shooting.” This particular tweet has also been retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

The link that Mr. Ngo tweeted says that Mr. Blake in the past was arrested for pulling a gun on another patron at a bar. When the officer was trying to arrest him, Mr. Blake had caused a “soft tissue injury” to him which Mr. Ngo amplified by calling it “a history of assualting police”.

According the link, he was actually charged for “one count each of carrying a concealed weapon, carryiing firearm while intoxicated, endangering safety-use of a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct.” Mr. Ngo also pointed out the charges for a third-degree sexual assualt and domestic violence out of which none carry death penalties.

These charges were more amplified after Donald Tump Jr retweeted Mr. Ngo’s tweet and combined both protesting and rioting with a tweet of Monday responding to the spark intiated by the police shooting in Wisconsin.

Later, on Mr. Trump Jr has shared a video showing vehicles burning out in the lot of a car dealership and captioned it “Peaceful Protests”. (Also read: Kyle Rittenhouse, involved in Kenosha Shooting: Teen charged with first degree homicide after shooting 3 Jacob Blake protesters.)

After the shooting of Mr. Blake, people united for the protest and some people turned it into riots which includes incident of looting and arson in Kenosha, Wisconsin. As of Monday, no evidence found to prove that the riots were initiated by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, Mr. Blake is in a stable condition to recover and attorney Ben Crump released the video of shooting who is also a representative of George Floyd’s family. Here is the video shared on YouTube by CTV News.

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5 thoughts on “Jacob Blake Criminal History/Records/Past/Arrests: Donald Trump Jr share unrelated Jacob Blake’s criminal records

  1. Amit Sharma… You really aren’t justifying Mr. Blake’s prior actions of sexual assault, assaulting police, and pointing a gun at someone. This all so amazing how things get framed. Everyone keeps saying what a wonderful person Mr. Blake is, and that he did not believe in violence… What?? It is tragic what happened, but can anyone address a couple simple facts in this case… Mr. Blake fought with police, did not listen to the police, and he went into the vehicle and tried to retrieve his knife. One last thing if you would like to report facts… In 2019, 14 unarmed black Americans and 25 unarmed white Americans were shot and killed by police.

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