ISIS Attack On Afghan Prison Leaves At Least 29 Dead

ISIS Attack On Afghan Prison Leaves At Least 29 Dead


The Afghan forces in the eastern Afghanistan area have now retaken charge of the prison. This takeover happened just a day post this prison was attacked by the ISIS militants. As per reports, a suicide bomber barged in with a car that was loaded with bombs into this prison’s prime gate whilst exploding the same.

After this, the ISIS fighters moved in via the gap, firing on the prison guards. The spokesman for the provincial governor, Attaullah Khogyani, conversed with The Associated Press and alerted that about 29 folks died during this massacre & this included prisoners, civilians, guards, as well as Afghan forces.

Apart from this, 50+ people were majorly wounded, as alerted by Fawad Aman, the spokesman for Defense Ministry in Afghanistan, as per Reuters. This prison primarily holds Taliban and ISIS militants. As per Khogyani, about 1000 convicts that escaped during this attack have now been located from all around the city with the help of local security forces.

However, no clear count has been obtained for the total number of prisoners that remain amid the escapee list. This attack was claimed by ISIS, stating the freedom of its fellow terrorists.

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