Is it possible to download Instagram stories?

Everyone is Gaga over Instagram and people love to share their movements on Instagram. Craze of Instagram is on the head of everyone. There are some major features of Instagram, posting post, stories and videos on their story. But many of us do not know how to save story or video and this sometimes irritates hearts of people. The other thing is that, it is very much similar to snap chat in terms of few features. But the popularity of this app is much than others.
On Android
It is very easy to save Instagram stories on iOS devices. There is an app which is named as Story Saver, which is also available for free from the Google Play store. To save Instagram story, first, it requires your log into the Instagram account. Through main page, you will be able in to see all the stories that your followers post. But Instagram offers this feature of searching other users’ story. Now you just need to save the video or photo, just click save. Then, you will be able in seeing the photo, to your story saver.
On iPhone
For iPhone, everything takes little more but these steps would help you in easiest way. Here, are steps to follow –
Go to the App store
Download the Story Reposter
Now open the app, then you have to look for username of that person, whose video you have to save (Note- either you should be his or her friend or his or her profile ought to be public).
Now you require selecting the photo or the video you want to save.
Just tap the download button, you can save button and then save to your phone.
Go back to your camera roll for making sure that, video or photo got saved.
The other simple way (for android)
Just go to your play store
Now download the story saver
Now open the story saver and log in to your Instagram account
Now you can check stories of the person you whose video or photo you are willing to save.
Just go to their stories and select his or her video or photo, click on the save.
Now that saved video or photo will render in a story saver folder in your phone’s gallery of the pictures.

Profits of saving Instagram stories –
Many might be thinking that how this would benefit, saving Instagram story? Well, this too can be helpful by keeping it on social media. Even if got deleted from gallery section, it will be found on story saver.
Final words
Although, there are another ways too which can be helpful in many ways. But these are some most simple and easiest way which is full of comfort. So those who used to think that, they cannot save Instagram stories, of course, they can. To maintain manners, you need to ask person directly to send that video or images.