Iowa meth kingpin Dustin Honken executed, third federal execution this week

Iowa meth kingpin Dustin Honken executed, third federal execution this week


On Friday, the police executed Iowa drug kingpin, post he was charged for the murder of three adults and two women. This marks the 3rd time that a fed inmate was executed this week post a seventeen year capital punishment interval.

As per Bureau of Prisons, 52-year-old Dustin Honken was pronounced gone at 4.36 pm. It’s expected that the family of the victim will issue a statement at some point in the days to come.

Kerri Kupec, a spokeswoman for DOJ (Department of Justice) released a statement post Honken’s execution was conducted.

In the statement, Kupec said that Honken, a meth kingpin, was executed at the USP Terre Haute according to a fed district court’s death sentence issued in the year 2004. The Vigo County Coroner pronounced Honken dead at 4:36 pm EDT, she continued.

Notably, Honken had been convicted of several offenses, including 3 counts murder for racketeering in slayings of William Mueller, wife Nancy Mueller as well as his stepdaughter Sarah Powell, in 1996 in Arkansas.

The second man to be executed 2 days later was Wesley Purkey, after he was convicted in kidnapping as well as killing of Jennifer Long, 16, in the year 1998, whose body was burned and later dumped in one septic pond.

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