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Netflix’s Hoops Season 2 Release Date, Characters, Plot, Trailer and Everything You Need To Know

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The American adult sitcom Hoops recently hit the screens with its first season on Netflix. Ben Hoffman created an animated show that got mixed reviews. Some viewers liked it to another level. The rest left it abandoned because of the foul language used by protagonists. Some of the viewers are craving for Hoops season 2 as the story left some cliffhangers with its end.

In the last episode, Ben was shown moving to Henderson Prep. He was stuck on the way with the flat tyre of his car. Matty was ready to move to Henderson Prep. The show ended unexpectedly with the cliffhanger about the life of Ben. Will he be able to leave his bad habits of using foul words? Will he be successful in the new school? How will Matty play in a new place with some new people?

All the cliffhangers give hope for season 2. Also, its popularity among youngsters is assisting day by day. It may lead the creators to think about renewal. For further details, keep reading the article to the end. Here is everything you all need to know.

When will Hoops season 2 release? Premiere Date

The show was recently aired on August 21, 2020, with ten episodes on Netflix. As it is a Netflix series, it is available worldwide. Currently, there is no news regarding the renewal of the series.

Netflix will first analyze the reviews of the viewers. Only then the decision for renewal may be taken. Previously the series was announced in 2018 by Netflix. It took nearly two years to release after the announcement.

Having an eye on the current conditions created by a coronavirus, we should accept the fact that it is going to harm the release date. Once Netflix announces the show, it may take a longer time like the previous one. Making an educated guess, the season 2 may be available by the end of 2021 or later.

Hoops Season 2 Cast

The term cast in the animated show gives information about the voices behind the characters. The main cast of Hoops comprises Jake Johnson as Ben Hopkins, Ron Funches as Ron, Cleo King as Opal-the principle, Natasha Leggero as Shannon, A.D. Miles as Matty, Rob Riggle as Barry Hopkins. (check: Hache season 2.)

If Hoops season 2 is made available Ben Hopkins along with Matty will surely be there. As they are moving to Henderson Prep, they will meet some new staff and members of the school basketball team. The new cast is most likely to be introduced. Some of the cast members may be removed permanently if Ben doesn’t return to Lenwood High School.

Hoops Season 2 Plot

The animated sitcom started within Lenwood High School. The story revolved around the life of basketball coach Ben Hopkins who was not very famous for his coaching skills. Instead, everyone knows him because of his foul language. His father, Barry Hopkins, was a good athlete sometimes. He got the job only because of his father’s prestige. His team was performing relatively low, and Ben got a request of getting fired if the team doesn’t win.

Ben found Matty, the seven feet long guy, and he was his only hope. On the other side, Ben’s wife has an affair with Ben’s best friend Ron, the assistant basketball coach with Ben in Lenwood High School. At last, Ben decides to change the school to improve himself. He also convinced Matty’s mother to put Matty in some prestigious school. He managed to get Matty along with him in Henderson Prep.

In the new season, Ben may get his behavior changed because of the new environment. He might be shown doing pretty well with the new team of Henderson Prep. On another note, he may return to Old School if he doesn’t get his temper controlled. He will have to face the staff and team members whom he pissed off while leaving. (check: FOX’s The Resident Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast and Everything We Know So far.)

Is there a trailer for Hoops season 2?

The trailer of Hoops was available on August 6, 2020. It was just 15 days before the airing date. Season 2 has not even been announced. Consequently, the trailer is not available now. But once the series is renewed, we may get a trailer some days before the release date.

For further updates, stay tuned with us. We will update any information provided by its latest.

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