High Seas (Alta Mar) Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Netflix’s High Seas (Alta Mar) Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything Else About Series

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High Seas, aka Alta Mar, is a Spanish mystery series, currently premiering on Netflix. The show released its first season in May 2019, it was renewed for a second and third installment, on an average time gap of 5 months.

The show revolved around two sisters, Eva and Carolina, who onboarded a cruise ship (Barbara De Braganza) post-world war 2, onboarding from Spain to Brazil after their father’s death.

As they boarded the ship, they discovered various mysteries happening on the ship to solve. They also found out that their father is not dead, and is a wanted criminal for sending innocent people to concentration camps. He was finally caught and killed for his deeds when the ship boards in Rio de Janeiro. Later, Carolina married the owner of the ship, and Eva continued her challenging journey of solving mysteries.

The show has received relatively good ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, and fans are looking forward to season 4 of the show.

High Seas Season 4 Renewal Status

The first two seasons were reportedly filmed together and were released in a time gap of six months. As per reports, the filming for the fourth installment was started even before the release of chapter 3. But due to the worldwide pandemic, all the shootings got stalled, and nobody knows when it will resume.

So, the renewal status of season four is almost definite. With the third installment released on Netflix on August 6, 2020, we would certainly be hoping that shooting of the installment four will resume as soon as this pandemic ends. Fans have also started a demand for installment four on Twitter and observing from the past. Netflix has the habit of renewing shows on fan demands.

High Seas Season 4 Release Date

The first two installments were released in May 2019, and November 2019, respectively. The third installment was recently released on Netflix on August 7, 2020. So, analyzing the pattern, the fourth installment will release somewhere between December 2020. The first two seasons had eight-episode each. With installment three having only six, it is highly anticipated that season 4 will also be six episodes long.

The season four release date could be escalated further to mid-2022. Till now, none of the show’s producers or writers has confirmed any news about the release date. It will be only after this pandemic end. Then we could make a proper guess about the next installment. Till then, we could hope that this pandemic ends as soon as possible.

High Seas Season 4 Release Date

As per sources, there is no change in the lead cast of the show, mainly Eva played by Ivana Baquero and Carolina, played by Alejandra Onieva. As Nicolas, played by Jon Kortajarena, was killed in installment three, he will return in season four only as flashbacks.

Brazilian spy Fabio, played by Marco Piggosi, who took the help of Eva to catch the mad scientist on the ship, is going to return in season four. There are predictions that a plot of a love angle between Evan and Fabio will be in the fourth run.

Also, Carolina’s husband Fernando Fabregas, played by Eloy Azorin, will return to his character. All the other supporting cast members consist of the ship’s crew, and other recurring characters are also expected to reprise their role in season four.

As this is a mystery show, there is a high possibility that a new character will be introduced in the upcoming installment. But till this time, no source has revealed any update about the details of new cast members.

High Seas Season 4 Plot

In the finale episode, Diana spread the deadly virus on the ship, and Dr. Alaya got the Cure in the last attempt. Nicolas was killed by Katona while showing a yellow flag to the warship to not fire missiles on them, in self-defense captain Nicolas also killed Katona. In the final moments, Nicolas told Eva that he loves her.

Fabio convinces Eva to get on the last lifeboat, and Eva, with a heavy heart, said the final goodbye to Nicolas. Till this time, all the seasons were shot on the ship, now after seeing the finale ending it is estimated that season four will be filmed in a sea-facing city. (check: Central Park season 2.)

In the third installment, the chemistry of Fabio and Eva was very liked by viewers, so there are chances that a new romantic relationship is going to embark in the fourth installment. In the fourth run, we could see Carolina purchasing yet another cruise ship, becoming one of the top businesswomen in this industry. A little bit of conflict in the relationship between both the sisters can also be a lot for season 4.

Fans are making and posting their fan theories on Twitter, and are demanding a confirmation on S4 from the creators. These all are just predictions and fan theories, collected from different sources. Any of the writers have revealed none about the future plot. (check: CBS’s Game On! Season 2: Renewal Status, Updates and Everything Else To Know.)

Where to watch/stream High Seas Season 4?

All three seasons premiered on Netflix and seeing the recent success of the third installment, we are highly sure that season 4 will also premiere on Netflix. Netflix being a smart distributor, also not going to give away the copyrights of a hugely popular show.

So. All in all, we are pretty much sure that the streaming platform for High Seas is going to remain the same.

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