Hawaii Suicide Pods: Has The US State Procured 'Sarco' Machines? Truth or Hoax? What is Assisted Dying?

Hawaii Suicide Pods: Has The US State Procured ‘Sarco’ Machines? Truth or Hoax? What is Assisted Dying?


On August 29, 2020, Hawaii Suicide Pods trended on the Google search. Snopes. Assisted dying is legal in countries like Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, Canada, Australia, and the US. Before commenting on them, if they are real or not, let’s first know if assisting suicide is legal in the state of Hawaii. Even before that, let’s know what is assisted suicide.

What is Assisted Suicide?

It is defined as suicide committed with another person’s aid, preferably a medical practitioner – a doctor. It simply means that medical aid is provided to people who want to end their life if they feel they are suffering significantly. However, it is only allowed in some states in the US. Assisted Suicide is often used interchangeably with physician-assisted suicide (PAS), physician-assisted dying (PAD), physician-assisted death, assisted death, and aid in dying.

Assisted Suicide is legal in only ten states in the United States. They are California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Montana, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. However, in Montana, there is no specific law for it. But, aid in dying can be requested through a state supreme court decision.

Is Assisted Suicide Legal in Hawaii? When?

Hawaii legalized assisted dying on January 1, 2019. The inspiration was taken from the Oregon and Washington state models. On April 5, 2018, Governor David Ige had signed the corresponding law.


What does the Assisted Suicide law state?

If a person requests medical aid in dying, then according to law, two health care providers will confirm his/her diagnosis, prognosis, the ability to make decisions, it will also be made sure if the request is voluntary, a counselor will be assigned to determine if the person is not suffering from depression.

Further, the person needs to make two oral requests for life-ending medical assistance. There will be a gap of 20 days between those two requests. The person will also have to sign a written request before two witnesses; one of them must not be a relative. However, if someone is found to be forcing or manipulating the other person to commit suicide, then it will be considered as a crime.

Hawaii Suicide Pods: Truth or Hoax

Under the law, doctors can prescribe death as a medical procedure. The post/news regarding the suicide pods being made available in Hawaii first came on a troll Facebook page named The State of Hawaii. Below is the said post.


We can’t immediately confirm if Hawaii has procured suicide pods. But, the existence of such pods is real. The creator of these pods, Dr. Philip Nitschke, had spoken to Independent in 2008 about these suicide machines. His device uses nitrogen gas to cause death, and the occupant dies due to hypoxic death.

Dr. Nitschke got the idea of creating suicide pods after going through the case of British man Tony Nicklinson. His device offers people the option to end their life peacefully without any assistance. After the hypoxiation process gets completed, the biodegradable capsule can be detached. It would serve as the coffin for the dead person.

Dr. Nitschke has named his suicide pods as Sarco – short for the sarcophagus. On April 14, 2018, a VR experience was made available in Westerkerk church in Amsterdam. However, the president of the church board, Jeroen Kramer, refused to permit it.

As of now, the machine has got a push button. But, it would be troublesome for those suffering from physical incapacity. So, according to the doctor, the future version will work with the blink of the eye. Moreover, the doctor had plans to develop a 3D-printable version of the suicide pod.

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3 thoughts on “Hawaii Suicide Pods: Has The US State Procured ‘Sarco’ Machines? Truth or Hoax? What is Assisted Dying?

  1. Philip Nitschke has done this time and time again and his purpose is simply to grow his business by selling his book “The Peaceful Pill Handbook”, membership of Exit/subscription to his website.

    Philip started growing his income by selling items such as the “Max Dog” nitrogen gas cannisters as well as the ancillaries used for euthanasia using this method. Philip charged something around ten times market value on the basis that none of the equipment was commonly available on the High Street and a certain level of knowledge was needed to acquire these tools. Purchasers, I should point out, where on the whole vulnerable people taken advantage of.


    This was a fairly short term venture as it proved to be extremely difficult to organise and promote sales due to the very nature of those sales, if demonstrated to be sold to enable suicide put Philip severely under the scrutiny of the law.

    Philip moved on to his first version of a commercially available suicide device which he named the “Destiny Machine”.

    It is a very poor imitation of anything that could be realistically used for his suggested purpose. It is clearly a box, with two buttons and two sockets. On top of this Philp has put a sticker with the name and Exit branding.

    Philip marketed this for over two years as the great panacea for those suffering. On closer inspection however, with a minimum of “fact checking” it was easy to find the flaws and demonstrable reasons why the Destiny Machine, in its described format, could never work. It will therefore come as no surprise to anyone that the machine never delivered to anyone the release that it promised.

    Philip became more successful upon meeting with Alexander Bannink Industrial Design who gave his concept far more credibility producing designs, renders and finally the so called prototype which you have seen.

    The Sarco, which Philip has promoted as a. ‘free, print at home’ option also had numerous flaws when first announced. Sarco has also been around now for over quite a few years without ever delivering on the promise. Fundamentally the design and concept is sound. The practicality however of ever building one at home, even with “free” plans available on the internet, is minimal. At the most basic level the 3D printer Philip talks of is large, industrial and expensive. That is before one addresses the computerisation, software and hardware, valves, solenoids, etc’, etc.

    Philip has, in his usual slick manner, camouflaged many of these challenges and continues to sell the concept as viable and available. All the time remember swelling Exit Membership and sales.

    I would be very surprised if the Sarco where ever to deliver on any of his promises and it is unclear to me where he will go next.

    Just for clarity I have no objection to assisted suicide, I would actually be at the front of the cue should any such technology both exist and be affordable. What I hate is the exploitation of vulnerable people who have terminal disesases as well as enough disposable income.

    1. “This was a fairly short term venture as it proved to be extremely difficult to organise and promote sales due to the very nature of those sales, if demonstrated to be sold to enable suicide put Philip severely under the scrutiny of the law.”

      Wrong. Google “Max Dog Brewing” and you will see that it’s still going strong. Good product, very efficient.

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