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Netflix’s Hache Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything Else About Series

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Hache is a Spanish crime drama series set up in the 60s of Barcelona, created and produced by Veronica Fernandez. The series got a worldwide premiere on November 1, 2019, on Netflix. The series aimed for Spanish viewers surprisingly forayed into the global audience, becoming quite popular in both the west and the east.

Set up in the 60s of Barcelona, the series shows the rampant drug abuse and political unbalance at that time. The series shows the gruesome competition among the drug lords, also their way to increase their business without getting in conflict with the police.

Then comes Helena alias Hache, an unfortunate prostitute mother. Her husband is out of the context and had a baby to take care of. She came in contact with drug lord Malpica, who had his own share of personal losses, which had made him a ruthless criminal. Helena tried to get the advantage of his vulnerability, entered the illegal heroin industry taking his leverage, and with his wit and knowledge climbed the ladders of the established drug cartel.

Hache Season 2 Renewal Status

The best thing about Netflix is that it enters the unknown territory, quickly becoming the king of that territory. We have seen in the past, how Netflix’s shows like Money Heist and Elite became a fan favorite, taking the Spanish or any other country shows globally with their content, giving a vast competition to already established cable networks there.

For Hache fans, there is good news that the show has been officially renewed for a season 2, announced by Netflix on their official twitter handle. Although, this was pretty evident, as Netflix always went for the second season, even if the first installment didn’t become quite promising.

But here, the show received good ratings from both the critics and audiences. Also, the show became a global hit, so the news of renewal was not much amusing, as most of the people had already anticipated this.

Hache Season 2 Release Date

The show was renewed on November 21, 2019. With growing fan demands for a second season, the show was anticipated to release its second run-in in April 2021. But, then the pandemic hit all the major countries, Spain being one of them, and all the productions that were going on came to a standstill. (check: Rust Valley Restorers Season 4.)

So, till the shootings stalled, there couldn’t be said anything about the release date. Moreover, even if the producers get the prerequisite permissions to resume the shooting, they have to adhere to certain precautions like following the social distancing rules, arranging necessary items like sanitizers, masks, gloves, and also daily medical check-ups of the crew.

These all things if happen will take time, so the release date previously supposed to be April 2021, might extend to November 2021 till further notice. Overall, neither the creators nor Netflix have spilled any beans regarding the release date.

Hache Season 2 Cast

Observing the reviews that the series received, it is expected that most probably the entire cast will reprise their role in Hache season 2 too. It means that Adriana Ugarte will reprise the titular role of Helena/Hache. Ugarte has been a part of many of the acclaimed Spanish movies like Juliet, time in between, and Netflix’s Mirage.

The other leading role of drug lord Malpica portrayed by Javier Rey, who is seduced by Helena for her own advantage also is expected to reprise his role in the second installment. His experience of working in Cocaine Coast, a series set up in the 80s on the same theme of Helena, also helped him in his role of Malpica.

Other supporting characters like Alejandro Vinuesa portrayed by Eduardo Noriega and Silvia Valasco essayed by Maria Salas are also going to return to their characters in Hache season 2. And not to forget, the possible addition of new characters will always be there for a new season. But, all writers of the series have refused to comment on the addition of any new characters.

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Hache Season 2 Plot

The finale episode ends with Hache mourning the loss of Malpica’s betrayer, who was imprisoned and tortured, and Hache seeking revenge for it. So, the next season will be mostly about Hache’s plan of revenge, and how to get to the top hierarchy of the drug cartel.

Also, the next installment will witness the resurrection of Malpica and how he manages to hold control over his drug cartel. And, whether he will find out the real deeds of Hache or not will be interesting to watch.

In the first season, we witness the involvement of Italians and Americans, which further spiced up the story, so in next installment more of their involvement can be seen in the storyline. And also, Hache’s husband was in jail, for whom Hache needed money to arrange a decent lawyer to get him out of jail. So, chances of him coming in Hache season 2 are pretty high.

Yet, all these are just pretty guesses, no writer of the show has revealed any information regarding the storyline for season 2.

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