Google reportedly keeps tabs on usage of rival Android apps to develop competitors

Google reportedly keeps tabs on usage of rival Android apps to develop competitors


A Google’s internal program called ‘Android Lockbox’ could give the firm’s workers access to data about how the users of Android interact with famous, non-Google applications and services, as per a new report by The Information.

The program that works through Google Mobile Services implies that the workers can likely see ‘confidential’ data of other applications, including how frequently they are opened and the duration they are used for.

As per sources, this data has been utilized to keep track on rivals of Gmail service or for monitoring Instagram and Facebook usage. Google is believed to have also utilized the data to plan launch of Shorts, its TikTok replica. According to The Information, the employees working at Google have to ask for permission to access this information in a few cases and these requests are at times refused as well.

The new report comes at a time when the tech giant’s business is witnessing intense anti-trust scrutiny almost by every state in the United States.

The Information notes that Google’s Android Lockbox receives its most important data when the users give their consent to share data with Google during Android setup procedure. The users are told that this information lets Google provide a much personalized experience, however; The Information reports that it also offers information for competitive analysis.

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