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Netflix’s Glitch Techs Season 3 Release Date, Anime Characters, Plot & Trailer: Will There Be Another Series?

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Glitch Techs is an American animated series, first released in February 2020, Dan Milano and Eric Robles create the show. The series is available on both Nickelodeon and Netflix, Netflix being more accessible than Nickelodeon, is the reason people prefer the former over the latter.

The story of Glitch Techs starts in a fictional town named Bailley where Teens Hector alias High-five and Miko Kubota alias Me-K.O. have joined a group of people dealing with glitches in video games. Many of the monsters from the games have developed a glitch, making them enter the real world.

These are the people who have to fix these glitches. Using their gaming logics and equipment, they prevent these monsters from creating havoc and also erasing any memory to avoid any further panic.

The show’s graphics and anime designs have been liked by not only the kids, but also adults. The story being quite peculiar has added an extra advantage in their cart.

Glitch Techs Season 3 Renewal Status

The show had come back with a second season recently on 17 August 2020, releasing all of its ten episodes in one go. So, it would be quite early for the producers to comment on the renewal status. Still, mostly it is seen that in terms of anime shows, Netflix has a little soft corner and it goes for at least three seasons of an anime show.


Analyzing all these things, we are pretty sure that the show will get an official update on renewal. Most of the time it is seen that it takes an average of 1-2 months after the finale episode that the producers announce the renewal status.

Also, the show’s both seasons have got good ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. These things have prompted, in the past, to go for one more season, and we are pretty hopeful that the same will happen for this show.

When will Glitch Techs season 3 release? Premiere Date

Till this time, there is no official confirmation over the renewal status, so the prediction about the release date will be a long way to go. Still, there are some sources, which have given some valuable information regarding the release date.

As the anime show requires significantly less time in pre and post-production, the next season if announced, comes very quickly in a time gap of almost 2-3 months. But, now with the pandemic situation going on, which has stalled many of the offices around the world, the release date seems a little dismal.


But, as it is an anime, significantly less person to person interaction requires, which is an added advantage in this situation, especially for a web series. Now, they have to get permission from the authorities to open their office, need to follow some safety precautions like social distancing, availability of necessary items like sanitizers, masks, hand gloves etc. in their office.

All these things will consume considerable time. But after procuring all these essential things, the work on season 3 will be resumed quickly, without any much hassle. (check: Yellowstone season 4.)

Glitch Techs Season 3 Cast

The main voices of the lead characters are voiced by Ricardo Hurtado as Hector or Hi-5, and Monika Ray as Me-K.O. and both of the voice artists have received commendable reviews about their work. So, chances of them coming back in season 3 are pretty high, and seeing their work in both the seasons it was pretty evident also.

Other characters like Haneesh portrayed by Sandeep Parikh, Zehra Fazal as Zahra are also set to reprise their voices for Glitch Techs season 3 too. Most of the artists have proved their mettle in season 1, and that’s the reason they were brought back in season 2 without any considerate change in the cast. The audiences got attached to the voices and started associating them with the anime characters.


Since the fans could not accept any voice change of their favorite characters, chances of them being replaced in season 3 are pretty dim. But, if there is an addition of some new characters in the form of glitch/monster, there would be a fresh voice artist giving voice to the character.

Till now, the writers of the show have not to spill any beans regarding the addition of new characters, so all these are some good guesses, which may or may not come true shortly. (check: Netflix’s Rita Season 6 Release Date, Cast and Trailer: Is It Renewed or Canceled?.)

Glitch Techs Season 3 Plot

In the previous seasons, we have seen the team solving various glitches, saving the city from multiple monsters. So, we are sure that season 3 will also try to give more new and exciting stories, filled with lots of twists and turns.

In the finale episode, we saw that Bitt was lagging a little as his memory got overcrowded, so Me-K.O. and Hi-5 cleared his memory. They found a hidden file named Coo-Pie-Caken, unable to delete it, they by mistake activated it, sending Bitt in a rogue mode.


Then Phil came to rescue them, with Bitt’s memory cleared and the system restored, Phil sent the duo back to HQ. There he came across the hidden file, in which he found Phil’s younger self telling him how the corporate wiped his memory.

So, season 3 will start from the point where the involvement of Hinobi corporate in the glitches would come out. And Phil will do this work, as he has to find his real identity, and why the corporate erased his memory, this will also help Me-K.O. and Hi-5 to become more vigilant because if the corporation could do this to their supervisor, they can surely do this thing(erasing memory) to them also.

Glitch Techs season 3 will unravel various mysteries that were left unexplored in season 2. But, all of these are just smart guesses, neither the writers nor the producers have revealed any information regarding the storyline.

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