Fridge Wars Season 2 Release Date, Host, Chefs/Contestants, Plot, Episodes, CBC News & Updates

CBC’s Fridge Wars Season 2 Release Date, Host, Chefs/Contestants and Everything Else To Know

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The Canadian reality TV series Fridge Wars on CBC Television was popular among its viewers because of its different culinary competition scenario. The show was first aired on CBC in February 2020. Along with six episodes, the season ended in April 2020. Since the airing of the last episode, viewers are eager to know about the renewal of the show.

Watching its popularity among the viewers, The CW started airing it in the US on August 2, 2020. It is a culinary competition show. Unlike the other culinary shows, the chefs are asked to cook yummy dishes from the leftovers in the refrigerator of random families in Canada.

This uneven scenario leads to the popularity of the show to the next level. It also gives a message that the leftovers can be transformed into real delicious dishes instead of throwing them into wastes.

There will be no exclamation if we hear about the renewal of the show soon. For more information like the release date, host and plot, keep reading the article to the end. Here is everything you all want to know about it.

Fridge Wars Season 2 Release Date

Fridge Wars was originally aired from February 27, 2020, to April 2, 2020, on CBC in Canada. It was later available on The CW in the US. There is no official news from its production company, “The Gurin Company,” regarding the renewal of the show. But the demand of the viewers and its popularity may lead to the show’s renewal announcement in the upcoming months.

Currently, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the TV industry a lot. At this time, the company can’t film the show because of its random visits to Canada’s houses. Once the conditions come to normal, the company may announce the season 2 release date. We can expect the release date for season 2 sometime in 2021.

Who is the Fridge Wars season 2 host?

Emma Hunter hosted the first season. She is a Canadian actress and comedian. People know her as Nisha in the sitcom, Mr. D, and as a co-anchor in The Beaverton. She has also won Best Actress award, and best-supporting performance award in 2018 and 2020 in Canada Screen Awards show, respectively. She may return in the new season of Fridge Wars as the host.

Also, there were two chefs in each episode. In the previous season, these chefs were Matt Basile vs. Massimo Capra, Shahir Massoud vs. Wallace Wong, Nicole Gomes vs. Dustin Gallagher, LA-Toya Fagon vs. Julie Miguel, Nadia G vs. Rodney Bowers, and Shane Chartrand vs. Joshna Maharaj. If there is a new season, we will see new chefs who will compete. (check: Breeders Season 2.)

Fridge Wars Season 2 Plot

The culinary competition show Fridge Wars is based on cooking some excellent dishes from the leftovers in the random families’ refrigerators. The host Emma Hunter visits a random house and directly goes to the fridge. (check: Netflix’s Always a Witch Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and All Details So Far.)

She hands over the leftovers to the chefs. Chefs are then given 45 minutes to cook something with the help of leftovers only. After the given time is over, the family gathers on the dining table and provides them the scores based on the Look, Taste, and Originality of the dish.

After the first round, the chefs, along with Hunter, move to some next random house. The same procedure is followed but with some more difficulties. Sometimes, they are asked to add some ingredients forcefully into their dishes.

In some cases, they are asked to choose random sauces blindly and use them in their recipes. After calculating the average of the score, they got from the two families; the winner is decided and awarded a trophy. The same keeps on repeating in all episodes of the show.

In the new season, the plot may stick to the old scenario. Some new flavors may be added to the show in the form of more chefs in a single episode. For further updates, keep visiting the site regularly. We will update any information provided as soon as it is available to us.

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