Frank Cullotta Death Cause & Reason: Ex Chicago & LA Mobster Dead At 81 - Frank Coletta

Ex-mobster Frank Cullotta (Chicago & Las Vegas), crony of Tony Spilotro, dies in Las Vegas at 81


Frank Cullotta, the ex-mobster of Chicago and Las Vegas died on August 20, 2020. A consultant on the “Casino” film was 81 years old at the time of his death. The vice-president of exhibits and programs for the Mob Museum in LA, Geoff Schumacher said that the former mobster passed away at about 12:50 am. He was admitted to an area hospital as he was suffering from COVID-19 and other medical issues.

Cullotta starred in the Las Vega Review-Journal’s “Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas” serial podcast co-created with the Mob Museum. In 1978, his childhood friend Tony Spilotor called him to Las Vegas. So, he moved to LA while Spilotor had already moved here in 1971. Later on, Frank Cullotta and his gang got famous as the “Hole in the Wall Gang.” The gang used to drill holes in walls and ceilings to enter the houses and businesses.

During an interview for “Mobbed Up,” the former mobster gave an estimated number of burglarized homes. He claimed that his crew did enter at-least 250 to 300 homes in LA by 1981. However, their streak ended on July 4, 1981, as they were captured during that careless break-in. They messed up a break-in at a home furnishings store on East Sahara Avenue. (check: Who is Timothy Shea? Wiki/Bio)

As a result, Frank Cullotta was sent to prison for his crimes. Besides break-in, he claimed to have murdered two people. He was also kept in witness protection. However, he left voluntarily and pursued businesses including his own Las Vegas tour. Schumacher came closer to Cullotta during the serial podcast through the Mob Museum. He referred him as a nice guy when in limits.

Schumacher said though Cullotta did terrible things including murders on the orders of Spilotro, robberies, burglaries, beating-up, he was a gentleman with a sound mind. According to Schumacher, the late mobster wanted to take care of people, and he showed remorse in his later years. Cullotta’s YouTube channel named Coffee With Cullotta confirmed his death.

Frank Cullotta served as one of 1995 movie Casino’s technical advisors and was featured in a small role. In the movie, he was renamed Frank Marino, and Frank Vincent had portrayed him. Author Nicholas Pileggi had penned the book on which the film is based. The late mobster, Frank Coletta co-authored two books about his life.

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