Fortnite’s new season has flooded the map

Fortnite’s new season has flooded the map


Epic Games has finally released the much-awaited third season for ‘Fortnite: Chapter 2,’ after a huge event previously this week.

The new season has flooded major areas of the battle royale island, thus creating a larger focus upon aquatic game-play aspects such as the Waterworld-style floating town area as well as the capability to water ski.

One of the biggest changes is, the map, of course. The island’s western portion is mostly underwater now, eliminating large locations such as Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. On the other hand, the Agency area, which was previously destroyed, now seems to be a kind of largely-fortified base. The brand new map now makes the boats of the game more viable. Besides, the new season also unveils new mobility choices, which includes the above mentioned water skiing wherein you’ll be pushed by a shark. The other big additions include the new NPC rivals known as Marauders.

Meanwhile, Epic has teased that moving forward actual cars will also be introduced in the game later on. Moreover, it seems that the flooding is not necessarily permanent. As time passes and the level of water recedes, more locations would be unmasked. Besides, you’ll also get to discover new means to move around once the roadways get more open, explains the developer.

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