Facebook, Google and Amazon CEOs willing to testify in antitrust probe

Facebook, Google and Amazon CEOs willing to testify in antitrust probe


The Chief Executive Officers of Google, Amazon and Facebook say that they are ready to testify in the anti-trust investigation into huge tech giants.

The House Judiciary Committee has received letters from the representatives of Google and Facebook last weekend indicating that their CEO’s Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg are ready to testify before the Congress. However, Google and Facebook have conditioned their respective testimony upon testimony of the top-ranking executives at other huge tech companies as well.

Meanwhile, the commitments come in just one day post a lawyer representing Amazon said that Jeff Bezos, the company’s CEO, is also willing for being testified.

Of the ‘four large’ tech companies, Apple is the one still remaining to announce whether its CEO Tim Cook would testify or not. A spokesperson for Apple refused to comment on the matter on Tuesday afternoon.

The anti-trust subcommittee of the House Judiciary has been probing into the four large tech companies, analyzing whether their strong market presence poses any threat to the competition & harms the consumers.

If the hearing really happens, it is expected to be conducted this summer. However, whether it will be conducted virtually or in-person, given the COVID-19 pandemic, still remains unclear.

Notably, The Washington Post was the first to report about these commitments which were confirmed by news outlet NBC News later with people from the firm.

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